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When did you last order or invest in something without checking it out online? If you’re someone who travels a lot or migrates from one city to another, you are no stranger to searching for real estate properties online. But since every other real estate professional and the agency is online, a real estate agent needs to adopt advanced marketing strategies to stand out in a cluttered market.

Why is marketing important to real estate professionals?

Marketing has always been essential to any business, but it is quite important to the real estate business today for agents to put their name out there, build a network of contacts, as well as attract a host of clients online.

Here is a list of reasons marketing can benefit real estate professionals:

1. Helps create brand awareness

2. Helps reach out to prospective clients

3. Helps to create credibility

It is important to have a strong real estate marketing strategy to tackle the industry head-on in this day and age. This blog discusses the top 10 tips and strategies to promote lands, homes, flats, shops, and other real estate products effectively in order to maximize real estate sales. Professionals leveraging the power of digital and video marketing can showcase their properties better, attract relevant clients, and convert customers at a faster pace. 

1. Create a strong online presence

With 289 million online buyers in India, creating a strong online presence is of utmost importance for demonstrating products to millions of people on the web. A website comes with numerous benefits, such as the ability to redirect customers from multiple online channels (Paid and organic), showcase customer testimonials for social proof, build credibility, and offer a personalized user experience. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, 99% of millennials begin their home research online, and 51% of home buyers found the house that they purchased online! This clearly shows the importance of building and sustaining a strong presence on the web. In fact, there are countless examples of successful people who have leveraged real estate marketing to build their brands. Josh Altman is one of the top real estate brokers in Los Angeles who has over a million followers on Instagram and regularly posts photos and videos of his work and personal life, which has helped him promote and grow his brand to the next level.

2. Leverage the power of social media

As per the survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, about 97% of real estate agents use social media to promote their businesses. Social media has the power to help agents connect with relevant clients and attract potential customers. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are useful in creating a strong brand presence. The expansion of social media channels will also aid the development of a strong community of followers, who will become hot leads when the time is right to launch a new product. High-quality images and videos are your tickets to increasing engagement on social channels. Ryan Serhant – the infamous star from the television show Million Dollar Listing New York has put social media to good use, with over 2 million followers on Instagram where he regularly posts and engages with his audience.

Learn how to use illusto to produce eye-catching social media posts and videos that capture the attention of potential buyers, enhancing their visibility and reaching a larger audience.

3. Increase your video marketing budget

If you’re familiar with social media algorithms, you’re probably aware that reels and shorts are currently ranking higher than image-based content. This indicates that if you want to reach the maximum number of people and boost your marketing efficacy, you need to invest more in video marketing. Customers who wish to examine properties without leaving the comfort of their homes can view them virtually with a virtual tour. As per the National Association of Realtors, 54% of buyers won’t even consider a property if it doesn’t have a video/virtual tour. 

Create a fascinating virtual tour of your properties without any technical expertise with Illusto. Try Now, It’s Free!

4. Start listing on the property marketplace

The marketplace attracts higher traffic when compared to personal websites. There are many popular property marketplaces in India like Magicbricks, 99acres, and Housing.com. These marketplaces have a massive online presence that helps them in attracting millions of visitors every month. Google and NAR discovered that around 51% of home buyers found their purchased homes on the internet. Listing your property on these marketplaces will help you in tapping into this large pool of potential customers and increase the chance of selling.

5. Share emails with a list of potential clients

Email marketing is a personalized way of staying in touch with your audience and generating leads. As per Statists, there are more than 800 million active email users in India. Real estate businesses can leverage the power of email marketing to connect with potential customers as per their preferences. You can share updates related to properties, offers and promotions, industry updates, and more to keep your audience engaged. 

Pro tip: Before you start sending emails via email marketing campaigns, segment your lists based on factors such as preferred buying location, budget, and preference based on the type of property. This will help you in creating a relevant and personalized message.

6. Promote properties with influencer marketing campaigns

A recent report by the Advertising Standards Council of India revealed that about 70% of people are willing to buy products endorsed by social media influencers. This has also become a popular real estate marketing strategy for promoting properties. Real estate businesses can partner with influencers to build trust and credibility among their potential clients. 

A real estate developer partnered with Nikhil Chinapa to promote their property and create buzz around their latest project. This helped them in increasing brand awareness and reach a larger audience. 

7. Utilize drone footage and share area tours

Drone footage can be helpful when it comes to displaying a better perspective of the property you’re working with. By showing an aerial view of the property as well as its surroundings, you are able to create a much more immersive, engaging, and realistic viewing experience. In addition to this, you can create videos that also showcase the local area, along with its attractions, amenities, schools, hospitals, and so on for potential buyers to get a realistic picture of the neighborhood.

8. Upload testimonials and client reviews

There’s no better way of building trust with your potential audience than posting videos and written testimonials from satisfied clients on your website and social channels. A survey by the National Association of Realtors shows that 88% of property buyers trust online reviews and consider them at par with personal recommendations.

Use illusto to create customer testimonial videos with engaging captions to showcase your credibility among potential customers. Try It’s free!

9. Partner with businesses of similar interests

A study suggests that 42% of real estate agents have a preferred list of vendors to partner with them in selling their products. This will help businesses in increasing their visibility and close deals 2X faster. When you partner with those who have similar interests, you end up working together towards a shared goal.

10. Attend events and expos to promote new projects 

Events and property expos act as a valuable real estate marketing strategy in India, as businesses can generate leads instantly and get huge brand viability from thousands of visitors. A report by JLL highlights that real estate events increased by 200% in India between 2010-2019. Some of the most prominent expos in India include the India Real Estate Show and RE/MAX Conclave.

And here’s one bonus strategy – 

11. Create content that compels viewers to take action

You can attract potential buyers by creating unique and compelling content. A survey suggests that 80% of users prefer real estate businesses that have knowledge about the local market and everything related to the property industry. Creating unique content helps you stand out from the crowd and connect with potential audiences better.

Real estate marketing is constantly evolving, it’s no longer just a simple newspaper ad or a poster stuck on walls and vehicles. To succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, it’s important that you stay on top of the latest trends and strategies. Take your real estate marketing to the next level with a powerful video editing tool, Illusto. Create engaging videos, virtual tours, testimonials, and more to build your brand presence. The user-friendly interface will help you in creating eye-catching videos that drive leads and enhance conversions.

Social Media, Tips and Tricks

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As International Women’s Day approaches, brands must examine ways to celebrate and empower women through their marketing initiatives. Women’s Day is a day to celebrate women’s accomplishments and to advocate for gender equality. It’s also an opportunity for brands to connect with their female audiences meaningfully.

Videos have become an effective medium for brands to communicate their stories and engage with their customers. With the rise of social media, video content has become more accessible and more effective at engaging viewers. Video can play an essential role in delivering compelling messages that appeal to women in the context of Women’s Day marketing.

At illusto, we understand the importance of Women’s Day campaigns and the role that video can play in creating effective marketing messages. Our online video editing tool is intended to assist brands in creating high-quality videos that captivate their audience and effectively deliver their message. In this blog, we’ll look at how brands can use video to build meaningful Women’s Day advertisements that both honor and encourage women.

Unlocking the Power of Videos for Women’s Day Campaigns

Brands are increasingly using video to interact with their audiences and deliver their messages. This is especially true for Women’s Day campaigns, where the emotional appeal and impact of video may be extremely helpful in emphasizing the necessity of gender equality and celebrating women’s accomplishments. Let’s look at some of the advantages.

Videos evoke emotions.

One of the primary advantages of employing video for Women’s Day ads is its capacity to evoke an emotional response from the audience. Brands can use video to convey stories and trigger emotions in ways that other mediums cannot. This emotional appeal can inspire and motivate viewers to take action in the direction of gender equality.

Videos narrate a story.

Another effective feature of video content that can be used in Women’s Day campaigns is storytelling. Brands can use video to tell the stories of real women, showcasing their accomplishments and struggles in a way that is both inspiring and relatable to the audience. By sharing these experiences, brands can better understand and appreciate the issues that women confront and the need to establish a more inclusive and equitable society.

Videos create buzz.

Videos have the ability to engage people in ways that other types of media do not. Due to the obvious rise of social media platforms, videos can now be readily shared and circulated, reaching a larger audience and creating a buzz about the campaign.

How did other brands use videos?


Successful Women’s Day campaigns from the past have used video to connect with their audience and create a powerful impact. For example, Ariel’s “Share the Load” campaign used a video to address the issue of gender roles in household chores and promote gender equality within the home.


Another example is the Dove Real Beauty campaign, which used video to challenge traditional beauty standards and promote body positivity. The campaign featured videos showcasing real women and their stories, celebrating their unique beauty, and encouraging viewers to embrace their individuality.

Let’s look at a few ideas of how your brand can use videos for Women’s Day campaigns.

Decoding Women’s day video ideas for brands.

If you’re planning a Women’s Day campaign, video content is a powerful way to connect with your audience and inspire them to take action. In this section, we’ll explore different types of video content that can make your Women’s Day campaign stand out, from product demos to social issue-based videos and more. Get inspired and start planning your Women’s Day campaign video content today!

Product demo videos

Brands can create product demo videos specifically for Women’s Day, showcasing their products targeting women. For example, a fitness apparel brand can create a product demo video featuring its new women’s workout clothing line. The video can highlight the brand’s commitment to creating high-quality, comfortable, stylish workout gear for women of all shapes and sizes. The demo can showcase the clothing’s features that can enhance women’s workout experience.

Brand story videos

A Women’s Day campaign is a great opportunity for brands to share their unique story and values and demonstrate their commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment. For example, a brand could create a video featuring interviews with women who work for the brand, discussing their experiences and how the brand supports their growth and development. You could also share some employee videos where they share their experience. These videos can also highlight the brand’s commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for women. 

Social issue-based videos

Brands can use Women’s Day as an opportunity to highlight and raise awareness about social issues that affect women, such as gender-based violence, wage inequality, or lack of access to education. These videos can feature interviews with experts or women who have been affected by these issues.

Women who inspire us videos

Brands can create videos to celebrate and honor women who have made significant contributions in their respective fields by highlighting their achievements and inspiring others to follow in their footsteps. For example, a brand can create a video featuring women who have made breakthroughs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, showcasing their contributions to society and inspiring other women to pursue careers in these fields.

Women’s Day sale videos

Celebrating Women’s Day, brands can create videos to promote their products and services while offering special discounts or offers. These videos can showcase their range of products, highlighting their unique features and benefits for women. For example, a beauty brand can create a video showcasing its makeup line with special offers on Women’s Day to encourage its target audience to indulge in some self-care and pampering.

Educational videos

Brands can create educational videos for Women’s Day that focus on topics such as women’s health, career development, or personal growth. For example, a beauty brand can create a video series on skin care tips for different skin types, while a financial services company can create a video on financial planning for women. These types of videos can provide valuable information and resources to help women achieve their goals and improve their lives.

Collaboration videos

Brands can join forces to make collaboration videos as they are a powerful way to unite and showcase their shared values. For Women’s Day, brands can collaborate with other brands or organizations to create impactful videos that promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. For example, a fashion brand can collaborate with a women’s health organization to create a video highlighting the importance of self-care and wellness for women. 

Self-care and wellness videos

Incorporating self-care and wellness into a Women’s Day campaign is a great way for brands to support women’s overall health and well-being. A video featuring tips and advice on how to take care of one’s physical, mental, and emotional health can be highly effective. For example, a brand could create a video featuring women sharing their own personal self-care routines or interviewing wellness experts who provide helpful tips for achieving balance and maintaining self-care practices. 

Advocacy of women’s rights videos

A great way for brands to make an impact with their Women’s Day campaign is by advocating for women’s rights and highlighting the importance of gender equality. For example, a brand could create a video featuring interviews with activists or women who are leading the fight for gender equality, showcasing their inspiring stories and highlighting the ongoing struggle for equal rights. 

Women in leadership videos

Companies can create videos that spotlight women in leadership positions, highlighting their accomplishments and impact in their respective professions. These videos have the potential to inspire other women to take up leadership roles and fight gender stereotypes. Brands can also create videos showcasing women leaders within their brand, industry, or community or share their stories, accomplishments, and the impact they have made.

Kickass Tips for Creating Effective Women’s Day Campaign Videos using illusto.

Looking to create a standout Women’s Day campaign video that captures attention and drives engagement? With illusto, you can create visually stunning and emotionally resonant videos that effectively celebrate women’s achievements and inspire action. Here are some kickass tips to help you create great Women’s Day campaign videos using illusto.

Choose the right visuals.

Select powerful and inspiring images and videos that celebrate the achievements of women, and align with your brand’s messaging and tone. Use stock images and videos from illusto’s library to create a visually appealing video.

Pick the perfect music.

Use music that evokes emotion and sets the right tone for your video. You can choose from illusto’s library of royalty-free music or choose more music options from websites like Pixabay. Once you have downloaded your songs and audio files in MP3, simply upload them to illusto, drag and drop them on the timeline to add them to your video, and custom edit it uniquely. 

Incorporate the theme of Women’s Day.

Highlight the importance of Women’s Day in your video and emphasize the message of gender equality. Use visuals and messaging that celebrate the diversity and strength of women. Craft a message that inspires and motivates your audience. Highlight the achievements of women and the importance of gender equality. Use illusto’s audio editor and voiceover recorder to add voiceovers and audio effects to your video.

Select the appropriate colors.

The right colors for your Women’s Day campaign video are critical since they can influence your audience’s emotional response and perception. Consider incorporating purple, green, and yellow tones for your Women’s Day promotional video, as they are generally connected with feminism, progress, and positivity. You can also use colors that complement your brand’s messaging and visual identity. You can use illusto’s color correction tool to guarantee that the colors in your video are constant. This tool allows you to alter your movie’s brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue, ensuring that the colors are consistent throughout your video.

Keep it short and engaging.

Attention spans are short, so keep your video concise and impactful. Aim for one to two minutes, and ensure your message is clear and easily understandable. Use illusto’s filters, effects, transitions, stickers, and green screen editing to create a Women’s Day-themed video that stands out.

Showcase diversity.

When creating a Women’s Day campaign video, it is important to showcase diversity to highlight the experiences and achievements of women from different backgrounds. By showcasing diversity, you create a more inclusive and representative video and show that your brand values and supports diversity and gender equality.

End with a call to action.

Adding a call to action at the end of your Women’s Day campaign video is a powerful way to inspire your audience to take action toward gender equality. This call to action can be a simple statement or a request for your audience to engage with your brand meaningfully. You can use illusto’s text tool to add a call to action at the end of your video. This tool allows you to add text to your video, customize the font, color, and size, and position it wherever you want on the screen.

Enhance your videos with illusto.

Use illusto’s tools, such as the video resizer, speed tool, and audio editor, to make a video that looks and sounds fantastic. You can produce an aesthetically spectacular and emotionally engaging video with illusto’s extensive selection of stock images, videos, filters, effects, etc.  

Watch this video to learn how to edit your video using illusto.

You can make a compelling and memorable Women’s Day campaign film that resonates with your audience and helps increase engagement and brand exposure by following these guidelines and leveraging illusto’s features and capabilities. You can also use illusto’s collaboration tool to communicate with your team and edit your video.

Celebrate Women Around You With A Video!

Brands can use video content to create compelling Women’s Day campaigns. Brands can design campaigns that resonate with their audience and increase engagement and brand awareness by utilizing video content’s emotional and visual appeal. illusto is a fantastic tool for brands trying to generate high-quality video content that stands out and creates an impact.

illusto can assist brands in creating influential Women’s Day advertisements that highlight the achievements of women and inspire real change with videos. 

Sign Up on illusto.com and make your own Women’s Day campaign videos today.

Social Media, Tips and Tricks

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Are you a small business owner looking to increase your brand’s visibility and connect with your audience? Well, there’s no better way to do that than with video content. However, creating high-impact videos for your business requires a big budget and a professional production team. That’s simply not true. With the right tools and resources, you can make videos that capture your audience’s attention without breaking the bank. In this blog, we’ll share tips on how to create high-impact videos for your small business with zero budget and introduce you to illusto. This online video editor makes the process easy and enjoyable.

So, whether you’re looking to create a product demo, a brand video, or an explainer video, this blog will guide you through the process and help you create high-impact videos that showcase your small business’s unique value proposition. Let’s get started!

Incredible Hacks for Amazing Videos Without Going Broke.

In this section, we’ll share incredible hacks to help you create amazing videos for your small business without spending a penny. From finding free stock footage and music to using natural lighting and DIY equipment, we’ll provide tips and tricks to make your videos stand out without breaking the bank.

  1. Hunt for inspiration

To create impactful video content for your small business, it’s essential to hunt for inspiration. This means researching and analyzing videos in your industry or niche to see what works and what doesn’t. Look for inspiration in the style, format, and tone of videos that resonate with your target audience. 

Consider what elements you can incorporate into your own videos to make them more engaging and effective. This doesn’t mean copying others’ ideas but instead taking inspiration and adapting it to your own unique brand and messaging. With a bit of research and inspiration, you can create videos that will capture your audience’s attention and help grow your small business.

  1. Streamline your content. 

Streamlining your video content is essential for creating high-impact videos for your small business video marketing. This means categorizing your content into topics and subtopics and organizing it in a way that makes sense for your target audience. When you streamline your content, you’ll avoid rambling or going off-topic, and your videos will be more engaging and effective. 

Additionally, having a clear structure will make the video production process smoother and more efficient. You’ll have a better idea of what footage and b-roll to capture and how to edit the final product. By streamlining your content, you can create concise, informative, and engaging videos to help your small business succeed.

  1. Create with your phone camera.

One of the most important trade secrets in modern-day video marketing is that you can film professional-quality videos for your small business using your smartphone. You can shoot and make high-quality video content with an inexpensive smartphone instead of hiring a professional company with high-end equipment. Alternatively, with a small investment in accessories and imagination, you can make high-quality videos presenting your products and services in the best light possible.

Your smartphone can be the ideal tool for your video production needs, whether they are educational videos, advertisements, product demos, or anything else. It saves money and provides a professional appearance, allowing your small business to stand out in a competitive market.

  1. Use DIY video shooting techniques.

Creating professional-looking videos for your small business doesn’t require a professional camera or a big budget. Instead, you can use many DIY video techniques. You can easily do it by using an inexpensive consumer camera or even your mobile phone. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your video looks professional. 

Firstly, always shoot in plenty of light, either natural light or in a bright room. This will make your subjects look their best. Secondly, shaky footage looks unprofessional, so stabilize your phone or camera by holding your elbows against your body, using an inexpensive tripod, or building a makeshift tripod out of books or other items. Lastly, shoot photos and videos in landscape mode, as most video players are wider than they are tall. This helps in making your videos more compatible with video players. Finally, if you are making videos for reels or TikTok, then shooting in the 9:16 ratio is the way to go.

  1. Discover the Power of Stock Footage & Images.

Using stock footage and images can be a game-changer when it comes to creating high-quality videos for your small business. Using stock assets, you can add professional-looking visuals to your videos without creating them from scratch. Stock footage and images can also help you save time and money, as you don’t have to spend hours creating your own visuals. Additionally, using stock assets can help you maintain a consistent look and feel across all your videos. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to access great stock assets – plenty of affordable options are available online. 

To make things even easier, online video editing tools like illusto offer a library of over 1 million royalty-free stock assets that users can use to create videos. By leveraging the power of stock footage and images, you can elevate your small business videos and make a lasting impression on your audience.

  1. Elevate with royalty-free music.

Adding music to your small business videos can be a great way to elevate the viewer’s experience and make your content more engaging. First, however, it’s important to ensure you have the legal right to use the music you choose. This is where royalty-free music comes in. By using royalty-free music, you can avoid any legal issues and still add high-quality music to your videos. 

An online video editing tool like illusto offers a library of royalty-free stock music that users can easily add to their videos. With various genres and moods to choose from, you can find the perfect track to complement your small business video content. With the right music, your small business videos can genuinely stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

  1. Master the art of video editing.

Learning and mastering video editing is critical for small business owners who want to make high-quality videos to market their brands. You don’t need to employ anybody to edit your videos if you know how to do it yourself. While it may appear difficult at first, knowing how to edit your own videos can save you time and money in the long run.

Even if you have little to no experience in video editing, illusto can help you easily create amazing videos. illusto offers various editing features such as trimming, cropping, adding text, and transitions to help you create a professional-looking video in no time. This user-friendly online video editor has a plethora of powerful features, stock assets, and an easy-to-use interface that makes editing a breeze. Furthermore, the platform’s drag-and-drop interface allows small business owners to quickly generate professional-looking videos. You can learn more about how to edit films on illusto here

  1. Level up with a free video editor.

When creating video content for your small business, it’s essential to keep costs in mind. Using a free video editor like illusto can be a game-changer for small businesses with limited budgets. With illusto, users can create professional-looking videos without having to spend a penny on expensive video editing software. The platform’s free offering provides access to a wide range of editing features, allowing small businesses to create polished and engaging videos for their marketing efforts.

Instead of hiring an expensive professional to edit your clips, you can take advantage of the numerous features available in illusto’s free editor. This way, you can allocate your budget to other important areas of your business. With illusto’s free video editor, you can take your small business to the next level with quality content that won’t cost you a dime. Best of all, since it’s free, you can create as many videos as you want without worrying about the cost. 

With illusto, small businesses can create a wide range of videos, such as product demos, tutorials, commercials, and more. Illusto offers over 1 million royalty-free stock assets, including images, videos, and music that users can use to create their videos. This saves small businesses both time and money as they don’t have to worry about sourcing assets from different platforms or paying for expensive licenses.

Unlock your creative potential.

Videos are an extremely effective marketing tool for small businesses. They are useful for marketing, teaching, and establishing a strong internet presence. From filming with your smartphone to using royalty-free music and stock footage, the choices are unlimited. You can engage your audience, build trust, and promote your products or services effectively by including videos in your marketing plan.

Creating high-quality films is now easier and more affordable than ever, thanks to illusto. Thus, instead of being overwhelmed by the prospect of creating videos, try exploring illusto’s user-friendly editor and see for yourself.

So, don’t put it off any longer. Start making videos today to propel your small business forward.  Sign up for illusto now and unleash the power of video!

Social Media, Tips and Tricks

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Are you tired of struggling to get your small business noticed on social media? Gaining traction on your new small business when you have just started on social media can be challenging at first. But growing your brand doesn’t have to be so hard, especially when we live in an era of videos. 

Video is all the rage right now and for a good reason. 91% of people say they want to see more online videos from brands in 2023. Video marketing works well for almost all types of businesses today. Approximately 87% of video marketers report that video has helped their sales, while 89% of customers say that they purchased goods or services after watching a video.

Video content, in particular, is excellent for capturing people’s attention while also showing your personality and passion to your customers. People are more likely to view and interact with visual content as they navigate through their social feeds. For small businesses, video marketing is crucial because it allows them to reach a large audience affordably and measurably. Video content is much more engaging and memorable than text or static images, which makes it an effective way to build brand awareness, generate leads, and convert sales. One of the key benefits of social media video marketing for small businesses is that it allows them to reach their target audience where they spend their time. 

With the increasing use of video content, it’s time to elevate your online presence and reach a wider audience. In this blog, we’ll show you how to effectively use videos on social media to promote your small business. From creating compelling video content to leveraging the power of video marketing, you’ll learn how to stand out from the crowd and drive engagement with your target audience. So sit back, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to take your social media game to the next level!

How to skyrocket your small business using videos on social media?

Videos can effectively engage your audience, showcase your products and services, and help you stand out in a crowded online market. So here are some tips for using videos to grow your small business effectively.

Value-added content is king.

The most important thing you can do on social media is to provide value to your followers. Make videos that your target audience will find helpful. It could be something that educates them, makes them laugh, entertains them, or is generally beneficial in some way. This social media component attracts the ideal customers to your company, encourages them to follow you on social media, and helps in content distribution. You’ll be one step closer to a successful social media marketing campaign if you can master this. Show your audience how your business can add value to their life through your content. Try delivering value, and you will be amazed at the results.

Community is Love.

Instead of attempting to acquire as many followers as possible, concentrate on acquiring clients who are interested, loyal, and engaged. These folks are more inclined to share your content, enjoy your articles, and buy from you. In addition, when you create a community around your brand, the members will interact with one another and help to promote your content. You could even approach really new or micro social media influencers and ask them to assist you by reviewing a product or mentioning you in a post.

Optimize, or miss out.

You have to decide where you want to post your content. For this, you also need to find out where your target audience is present. For example, if you are creating videos for Instagram or Tiktok, they are likely to be short. They can also be created according to trending audio. But when you are posting videos on Facebook, you can experiment with slightly longer videos. You can also create videos for YouTube to build brand awareness or drive traffic to your website. So, make sure you optimize your content for different channels to get the most out of them.

One size doesn’t fit all.

One of the challenges of creating videos for social media is that each platform has its own unique video size and aspect ratio requirements. This means that a video that works well on one platform may not look good on another. For example, the aspect ratio for a Facebook video is 16:9, while the aspect ratio for an Instagram reel is 9:16. 

To make things easier for social media marketers and content creators, illusto, an online video editor, has preset sizes for different video ratios, ensuring that videos look their best on each platform. With illusto’s video editor, you can simply select the aspect ratio for the platform you want to use, and the video will automatically be resized to the correct dimensions. 

It will help ensure that your videos meet the specific requirements of each social media channel. This will help increase the chances of your videos being seen and engaging with your target audience.

In addition to the aspect ratio, it’s also important to consider the length of the video, as each platform has different requirements for video length. illusto also includes a feature for trimming videos to the appropriate length for each platform.

Keep it diverse.

Experiment with different video formats, such as tutorials, product demos, or customer testimonials, to provide variety and keep your content fresh. You must create different kinds of videos promoting your small business through videos. 

You don’t want to bore your customers with the same video topics and similar videos, right? Try creating different types of videos with different approaches to promote your business in every way possible. Look for inspiration from other businesses in your domain to get a brief idea to get started. For starters, you can create the following videos for social media:

How-to videos: These videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to do something, such as cooking a recipe or fixing a broken item.

Behind-the-scene videos: These videos give fans a sneak peek into the making of a product, event, or performance.

Product demonstrations: These videos showcase the features and benefits of a product, helping to sell it to consumers.

Live videos: Live videos allow brands to connect with their audience in real time, allowing for real-time engagement and interaction.

Animated videos: These videos use animation to tell a story, explain a concept, or promote a product.

Customer Testimonials: These videos feature customers sharing their positive experiences with a product or service.

Influencer videos: These videos feature social media influencers promoting products or services to their followers.

Time-lapse videos: These videos condense a long process into a short, fast-paced video, making it easier to watch and understand.

User-generated content: These videos are created by customers and fans, providing authentic and relatable content.

Entertainment videos: These videos can be anything from funny clips to musical performances and are meant to entertain and engage the audience.

Trends for the win.

Trends are everything in today’s social media. You can use these trends to market your small business on Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook and gain a wider reach and better visibility. You can not only make videos about your take on the trend, but you can also use them for marketing your product or service. Videos based on social media trends frequently enjoy greater engagement rates, which can assist in raising brand awareness and generating traffic to a small business’s website. You can stay relevant and current in your viewers’ eyes by generating videos about current social media trends. Furthermore, small businesses can utilize videos to show their expertise and understanding of current trends, which helps build trust.

The Engagement Factor.

Making your small business videos engaging and fun is very important to grab eyeballs on social media. But it requires a creative and strategic approach. To start, identify your target audience and their interests, and tailor your content to meet their needs. Utilize humor, storytelling, and dynamic visuals to keep your audience interested. Consider incorporating animation, graphics, and music to add an extra layer of engagement. You can also use transitions and effects to enhance your videos further. By following these strategies, you can create small business videos that capture your audience’s attention and help drive growth for your business on social media.

Hook them in.

It is crucial to grab the interest of your audience within the first few seconds of your video. You must capture viewers’ interest within the first 5 seconds (or less), or they will quit watching and move on to something else. This forces you to be concise and to the point. Make videos that tell viewers what it’s about and offers a solution to an issue within the first few seconds. Hooks are essential for attracting viewers’ attention because they explain why they should care or be interested. Hooks should be placed in the first or second frame of the video before consumers may scroll away.

Impress with edits.

It is critical that your videos look visually appealing on social media. Perfect edits also make your videos look more professional. For this reason, it is critical to use a good video editor. However, using complex tools can be scary if you’re new to video editing. This is where illusto comes in because it is designed for beginner-friendly video editing and has powerful capabilities that are exceedingly simple to use. You can easily create and edit with the simple drag-and-drop tools right from your browser. Visit illusto.com to learn more about making awesome edits.

Wrapping up

Video content is becoming increasingly popular on social media, and small businesses can leverage this trend to reach their target audience and promote their brand. Small businesses can engage with their audience, build brand awareness, and drive sales by creating compelling video content, leveraging the power of live streams, and utilizing the various features offered by social media platforms.

So, if you’re looking to take your social media game to the next level, start incorporating video into your marketing mix today! Remember, creating engaging and memorable content that resonates with your target audience is critical to success. illusto is one tool that helps you curate excellent video content even if you are a beginner. You can create and edit videos on this online video editor and make share-worthy video content in minutes. With a strong social media video marketing strategy in place, your small business will be well on its way to success.

So make sure you check illusto out and sign up today.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to express your love than with a heartfelt video message. Whether you’re looking to create a romantic love story or simply capture precious memories, video is the perfect medium to showcase your affection. And with the right video editing tool, you can create a stunning and personalized Valentine’s Day video that will bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

We at illusto are passionate about helping people tell their stories through video. That’s why we’ve created this special Valentine’s Day article to inspire and guide you on your video-creation journey and make videos with our Valentine’s Day video maker. From tips on how to craft the perfect video message to creative video ideas, we’ve got you covered. So, this Valentine’s Day, sit back, relax, and prepare to fall in love with video.

Go beyond flowers and chocolates and say it with a video.

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and what better way to express your love than to make a video montage about it? Here are eight simple yet cute ideas for the perfect Valentine’s day video you can make for your loved ones to brighten up their Day.

#1 Love Story Video

Create a montage of special moments and memories with your loved one to take a trip down memory lane and set it to a romantic soundtrack.

#2 Personalized Video Card

Create a video greeting card that is specifically tailored to your loved one’s interests and personality.

#3 Video Love Letter

Write a heartfelt love letter to your loved one, read it on camera, and set it to music.

#4 Love Song Video

Pick a favorite song and create a music video showcasing your love and affection for each other.

#5 Surprise Proposal Video

Create a romantic and memorable proposal video that you can look back on for years to come.

#6 Romantic Getaway Video

If you’re going on a romantic getaway, record a video diary of your trip, complete with breathtaking views, fun activities, and intimate moments.

#7 Couples Quiz Video

Film a fun couples quiz to see how well you know each other. You can ask questions about each other’s likes, dislikes, and habits. Edit this clip into a cute montage to post it on V-Day.

#8 Time Capsule Video

Record a video message to your future self or your loved one, capturing your feelings and hopes for the future.

Romantic Soundtracks Ideas for your Valentine’s Day Video.

These songs are perfect to express your feelings through your Valentine’s Day videos. 

  1. “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

This love song showcases Ed’s soulful voice and romantic lyrics. The song tells a story of finding that one person who makes everything else in life feels just perfect and complete, perfect for your other half.

2. “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

This love song is the epitome of romance, and also everyone who has waited a long time to meet their true love can relate to the beautiful lyrics and melody.

3. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley

This heartfelt 1960s ballad features Elvis Presley at his most vulnerable. The King of Rock and Roll allows his seductive words to take center stage in this song, perfect for making your partners swoon.

4. “All of me” by John Legend

Love encompasses everything. In this charming song he wrote for his wife, Chrissy Teigen, John Legend makes this point as simply and elegantly as anybody else. 

5. “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

We are all flawed in some way. However, after just one listens to this upbeat Bruno Mars song, every personal flaw and insecurity fades away. This song tells us that our partners appreciate our unique beauty and accept us exactly as we are.

6. “Love on Top” by Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s unmatched delivery and irresistible effervescence shine in this joyful statement of love. If you play this Grammy-winning song for your partner, they will undoubtedly smile with delight.

7. “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran

This sweet Ed Sheeran song is about enduring love that stands the test of time. Growing old with a significant other appears to be a pleasant experience as he beautifully screams out what’s on his mind and in his heart.

8. “You Are the Sunshine of My Life” by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder, arguably one of the greatest musicians of all time, hits all the right notes with this emotional song. The sweet, lyrical music expresses the tremendous love that an admiring lover feels.

Wondering how to add these tracks to your videos?

1. You can add these songs to your reels directly on Instagram

2. For a more customized option, you can download these tracks using a YouTube MP3 downloader like AceThinker or FastConv.com and do your custom editing using illusto’s advanced audio editor. 

3. You can even choose from multiple royalty-free soundtrack options and download them easily from a site like Pixabay

Once you have downloaded your songs and audio files in MP3, simply upload them to illusto, drag and drop them on the timeline to add them to your video and custom edit it in your own unique way. 

Final Words

In conclusion, video is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and express your love for your special someone. Whether you’re a seasoned video creator or a beginner, with the right video editing tool, you can easily create a personalized and unforgettable video message that will be treasured for years to come. illusto is one such beginner-friendly video maker that will help make you

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The best part about video editing these days is that you don’t need to be a professional with an expensive piece of software to do it. Look around you – anyone with a phone is editing their videos for social media; which then poses another question: Why should one bother with editing videos on the laptop anymore? 

Spoiler alert: unless you’re set on completely changing your career to become a professional video editor (in which case, you’ll probably require a desktop), each of these two devices has its pros and cons. Read on to find out what will work for you better at different stages in your editing career. 

Editing on A Smartphone 

Using a smartphone means you are relying on one device for shooting your content and editing it as well as storing files and doing other things like capturing audio. While this is a perfectly acceptable means to produce content, it can result in certain disadvantages such as 

Lesser storage

Video editing requires a lot of storage – something that smartphones cannot really provide. Storing a bunch of files on the phone is not only difficult but frankly quite annoying. You are left with little to no storage space for other important documents and applications.

Video quality

Although editing on your smartphone will prove cheaper, you will be limited in different spheres including the amount of exploration possible as well as the quality of your final videos.

The heartbreak of deleting videos

If you are someone who gets emotionally attached to everything you create (which definitely includes your digital creations), you will hate having to go through the heartbreak of deleting videos and extra media once you are done editing and creating.

Smaller screen

The downside to editing on a smaller screen is the lack of space to host features that can impact your video if you’re looking for more intricate editing. There is a larger chance of missing things as well. 

Lack of Formatting options 

Smartphones also have a limited number of formatting options which can also hinder creativity and narrow the kinds of videos that one can create.



Video editors are not exactly wallet-friendly to the average person. Smartphones come with a wide range of applications to help you edit and create innovative videos without having to spend a penny. While you are also required to pay for many smartphone applications, it is still much cheaper. Of course, online video editors are contributing to solving this issue, but more often than not, you still have to shell out a lot. 

Ideal when you’re on the go

Smartphones are the easiest device to edit videos on when you’re on the go. You just whip it out at a train station or on a bus and continue where you left off. You needn’t carry anything extra so the phone is an ideal editor when you’re on the go.


Smartphones are much more convenient to use than desktops. Trying various effects, features, and tools with your fingers makes you feel more involved with the process and feel more connected to your video.


For many who are just starting out, trying to edit and create videos on a desktop can be quite daunting. Smartphone applications tend to be easier to use and ease a beginner into the video editing process without much trouble.


Video editing on phones is much faster, as apps are placed within easy reach of a smaller screen. It doesn’t take much to tap on an app and continue your editing process. In fact, you can edit multiple videos on the smartphone at a much faster pace saving you a lot of time and energy.

If you’re feeling discouraged, consider these (pros) reasons to start editing videos on your laptop

Better features

Using your laptop to edit allows you to explore many more aspects, features, and effects that may not be available on simple mobile devices. Laptops allow you the freedom and the necessary tools to go crazy with your videos.

Desktop software may be tricky to get familiar with, but once you know your way around you will definitely reap big rewards.

Bigger screen

Laptops obviously have bigger screens than mobile phones and can therefore fit in much more at one go. Having a larger landscape to work on gives you the benefit of being able to keep an eye on every little detail.

Export quality

One of the reasons many people prefer using laptops to edit and create videos is the high-quality resolution and export quality that they offer. While your smartphone might give you an easier experience, laptops will completely enhance your edits to a whole new level.


Compressing videos

The downside to creating high-quality videos on the laptop is the hassle of having to compress them in order to upload them anywhere. This will inevitably reduce the quality and the resolution of your video which defeats the purpose of creating a good video.

– More expensive

While you reap the benefits of using a laptop to edit videos, the problem is that it will cost you more than editing on the phone.

The choice of device for editing can ultimately only be determined by you – the kind of editor you imagine yourself to be and the type of videos you’re looking to edit.

Here are some things that you should consider before spending a packet on heavy editing equipment. 

What sort of video editor are you looking to become?

Are you looking to edit videos for fun reels or become a content creator that engages audiences? 

Do you want to edit fun videos for family and friends or professional videos for your company website?

If you’re not looking to go pro, but are genuinely interested in the fine art of video editing, a laptop is an ideal choice for you. 

Not only does laptop software give you more space to explore, but they also provide you with the best possible version of your content.

Why can’t you consider using both devices? You can! For instance, if you own an Android phone and regularly use a Microsoft or Windows PC, it is possible to sync both these devices to edit and create the best possible videos. You could start an edit on the phone and always continue it later on your laptop. There are several apps that you can download on your smartphone to link your work to the laptop.

Here’s why illusto can become your go-to video editor

Editing, even on the phone or the laptop, can prove overwhelming and is often a tedious task when you are trying to locate and piece together images, videos, and music.

illusto features an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that is made to be used by people of all ages and is beginner-friendly. 

It provides a series of features that do not require extensive searching and are placed together for easy access. 

With access to the world’s largest stock media library and 1GB of cloud storage data, start saying no to the heartbreak of deleting important documents and storage to accommodate video creation.

illusto does not have expensive upgrades and does not need to be downloaded. Plus, it won’t slow down your laptop either!

With unlimited video duration, the largest library of effects, and the space to record voice-overs, you needn’t look elsewhere.

It also allows you to easily create meme-worthy GIFS — click here to know how!

Head to illusto’s Instagram page to uncover the latest tips and insights, and don’t hesitate to DM us for any queries.

Sign up at illusto.com/signup and begin creating!

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With the global expansion of small businesses and solopreneurs, the race to the top of the entrepreneurial ladder has become faster, more competitive, and inevitable. Each day requires speed, ease, and creativity to drive higher audience engagement and longer life cycle loyalty. 

SMBs are credited with creating a large number of jobs across the globe. They are major drivers of global economic growth and have been increasing at a rapid rate in recent years. As of 2020, there were an estimated 31.7 million SMBs in the US. Also, small businesses make up about 90% of the total worldwide!

Sustaining any business is definitely more of a challenge than starting it. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), only 25% of new businesses actually make it to 15 years or more of surviving and growing in the global market.

This happens for a number of reasons: not investigating the market well enough, limited financing or budget, trying to expand too quickly, and even unsatisfactory marketing or internet presence.

SMBs often need to put in much more work to build and grow, but proper planning, research, and a lot of flexibility are key to taking any business to the next level. 

Why SMBs Need Videos 

Videos haven’t just changed the way people consume content, they have influenced buying patterns. The human eye is drawn to movement, so video ads are much more likely to grab attention as compared to static or simple poster ads.

Consider this: people are about 27 times more likely to click on an ad that is a video rather than just a plain banner. Also according to recent reports,  73% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a branded video about it.

Here’s a proven factoid: We’re more likely to retain television ads as visuals than pages of content – think about all the tv ads you watched growing up as a kid and compare them to still ads you may have seen on billboards.  According to Hubspot, 80% of customers remember a video that they watched in the past month.  

SMBs have to compete with much larger companies and search engines for their product to get attention. Since they have neither the budget nor the resources as bigger businesses, they need to make more out of less.

And what is the secret weapon? Videos. Small and medium businesses that are looking to convert laypeople and viewers into serious customers have to inevitably go down the path of video creation.

Video advertisements have evolved from traditional TV ads to online platforms. In recent years, with technology and the internet taking over, social media ads are the way to go. They are not only comparatively cheaper but are also easier to post more frequently. There is a much wider range of audience that will watch these ads and thus they greatly help to draw attention. 

Advertising on online platforms is much easier, faster, and cheaper and has more visibility around the world. 

On the flip side, video creation can be quite expensive to produce and transmit. The process is time-consuming and requires a certain level of skill that can take years of practice and intricate courses to perfect. Rendering videos also can also take up quite a bit of space on your devices and is a lengthy process.

Here’s why online video editors like illusto work well for SMBs:

You don’t need to divest extensive amounts of time in learning the software or hire someone expensive to create or edit videos. You also don’t have to invest vast sums of money in expensive offline editors. 

illusto is super easy to pick up. With a model that stores all special effects, transitions, and filters in one place, it is also easy to use. Author, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur, Jane Malyon was a complete novice in video creation and editing, and her testimonial after using illusto is that she cannot stop experimenting with edits now, she’s hooked! 

illusto also has a variety of preset sizes and different export formats. There is no limit to the duration of videos you can create, so go crazy and get creative! 

For more features visit www.illusto.com and log in. 

The app does not have expensive upgrades and doesn’t need to be downloaded. It is simply one browser search away!

Where can SMBs advertise their video content?

1. Embedding a video on a website

2. Reels on Instagram

3. Posts on Facebook

4. Quick promotion on Twitter

5. Sponsored content or dynamic ads on LinkedIn

Videos that every SMB must create to take their businesses to the next level

In today’s day and age, creating experimental and unique videos is what will help to set your small or medium business apart from the rest. Holding back is not an option anymore. Through illusto, you can create the content that your business requires most while engaging with trends and video types that suit your audience the best.

Here are some videos that your SMB can create using illusto:

1. Brand story videos

2. Customer testimonials

3. Small ads

4. Instagram reels

5. Promo videos

For those looking to get started with illusto right away, all you need to do is log in, upload your media, and get going!

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The leaps that video marketing is gaining as a powerful tool for businesses to convey their brand message to potential target audiences accelerates the race to put excellent content out there – faster edits in real-time are a priority and with the existence of online DIY video editors such as illusto, it is becoming easier to produce professional engaging videos sans any experience.

Here are some benefits of adapting to an online video editor that may help accelerate your business advertising. 

Quick collaborations: Online video editors facilitate multiple logins that allow colleagues or/ and clients to share projects and work simultaneously from anywhere across the world. 

Easy compatibility: A cloud storage system also eliminates any software or operating system compatibility issues and minimizes the constant to and fro that is well-associated with video editing. All you need is a good internet connection. 

Faster Work Processes: Editing and rendering videos online helps skip the long download and installation time to instantly get to the matter at hand.  It also means that your work is instantly backed up and saved and is accessible to you faster: online video editors tend to offer faster rendering speeds and are also easier on the pocket. 

Flexible resizing: Online video editors like illusto offer options to resize formats and publish directly to multiple social media platforms. illusto also offers a GIF converter so you can easily transform your videos into meme-worthy GIFS in seconds. 

Always Up To Date: Online video editors are not only easy to use, but they also require zero manual configuration, unlike computer-based video editing software that relies on regular updates. Online video editors automatically offer updated versions and features such as new transitions, filters, and templates almost as soon as they are launched. 

illusto has been created to simplify the video editing learning curve. Here we work hard to empower content creators with no or little professional video editing experience to create videos for work or play with tons of effects, filters, and transitions to choose from.

illusto supports unlimited cloud storage, different export formats, and pre-set sizes that enable you to efficiently edit and publish content without constantly resizing it.  For in-depth work, illusto features an extensive color correction format, along with curve speed and blurring/ masking options, and allows you to export your videos without any watermark. Finally, what’s a video without effective sound? illusto’s a variety of audio edits and special effects to crispen your video. Or simply add live or pre-recorded voiceovers to enhance your messaging.  

Fast, easy, and fun, illusto is where your storytelling skills come to life. 

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Light! Camera! Action! Output! What’s next? One need not be an avid editor wiz to make a video glamorous or have complex knowledge in editing to create a good output. Simple software and a storyboard in mind are enough to get your fingers tapping and creating some perfect edits to take off. Here are 8 powerful feathers in every video editor’s cap. 

1. Frame’ it well

Framing is everything. An Insta reel will not fare as well on YouTube or Facebook simply because it doesn’t fit the frame as holistically. It’s also important to consider that a storyteller might understand storyboarding but when it comes to setting the scene and making the powerful decision of keeping something or nixing some item out, editors have a lot more control over the frame. While standard mobile ratios are 9:16, standard monitor sizes range from 16:9 (commonly) and 18:9 for home theatre settings. Once the frame size is chosen the editing can be done according to the shots required for the subject of the video to come across. With illusto, editors have an added advantage: our online video editor allows you to export your video to fit different platforms in a single click. 

    2.  Every Second Counts 

    Editors are essentially time travelers. A mere fraction of a second edit can affect the climax of your story. If a video needs to be exactly 2 minutes, contains 3 shots, and is equally distributed, the scenes must be cut down to 40 seconds each. With Illusto you can upload the video, confirm the first trim and cut then add it to the actual edit. Use the scale for larger timings and minus the scale for short videos. 

    3.  Trim The Frills 

    Once the video is uploaded the timer scale shows from 1 second or 10 milliseconds and more in units of 10. Move the video to where you want it placed, i.e., when it has to start. For example, if you would like an intro card for the video with some text on the same you can place that on the first second and move your first shot video accordingly. 

    4.  Effects Are Effective 

    Effects are as important as colors are to a picture. Effects can basically enhance the feel of your video. For example, the effect of rain under illusto’s Nature category can boost the feel of your music video singing a love song. Film Frame 1 under Retro can go great with travel videos of one walking the colorful streets of Jaipur. Simply put, the effects are true and effective. 

    5.  Know Your Transitions 

    If your video consists of several shots edited together, choosing the right transitions can be key in keeping the viewer attentive and not waning. Since the era of cinema, standard transitions have always been dip to black or dip to white but why not try something new? Give a little pop to the video with the star transition or page curl. A good editor also knows when to use the fade-in and fade-out transition for videos that are more intense.  

    6.  Tune In To Audio Editing 

    The icing on the cake is a great audio track or audio effects, but only when added in a sequence as exciting as the video edit itself. With illusto, you can separate the current audio from a video if required using the feature and create a parallel editing track and add music to the same. Play parallel and edit accordingly to get the right timing. You can also choose to give your videos a voiceover for added effect.

    7.  Break It Up With Stills

    Not all videos have to be constantly moving pictures. A still image can make for a great transition or several pictures can also be used to make an effective video like in the case of a supermodel’s showreel. Break monotony on the editor track by adding an image after a video and you can also choose from a wide range of illusto’s stock images to play with. 

    8.  Get A Word In

    Text titles can make or break a video. A good caption can intrigue a viewer and an influential text outro can get your call to action point across. Choose from illusto’s, ‘Creative Text’, ‘Free Text’, and ‘Combination’, to create everlasting captions that boost your video like the pro editor you are.

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