May 11 2023

Top 10 Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Marketing

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When did you last order or invest in something without checking it out online? If you’re someone who travels a lot or migrates from one city to another, you are no stranger to searching for real estate properties online. But since every other real estate professional and the agency is online, a real estate agent needs to adopt advanced marketing strategies to stand out in a cluttered market.

Why is marketing important to real estate professionals?

Marketing has always been essential to any business, but it is quite important to the real estate business today for agents to put their name out there, build a network of contacts, as well as attract a host of clients online.

Here is a list of reasons marketing can benefit real estate professionals:

1. Helps create brand awareness

2. Helps reach out to prospective clients

3. Helps to create credibility

It is important to have a strong real estate marketing strategy to tackle the industry head-on in this day and age. This blog discusses the top 10 tips and strategies to promote lands, homes, flats, shops, and other real estate products effectively in order to maximize real estate sales. Professionals leveraging the power of digital and video marketing can showcase their properties better, attract relevant clients, and convert customers at a faster pace. 

1. Create a strong online presence

With 289 million online buyers in India, creating a strong online presence is of utmost importance for demonstrating products to millions of people on the web. A website comes with numerous benefits, such as the ability to redirect customers from multiple online channels (Paid and organic), showcase customer testimonials for social proof, build credibility, and offer a personalized user experience. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, 99% of millennials begin their home research online, and 51% of home buyers found the house that they purchased online! This clearly shows the importance of building and sustaining a strong presence on the web. In fact, there are countless examples of successful people who have leveraged real estate marketing to build their brands. Josh Altman is one of the top real estate brokers in Los Angeles who has over a million followers on Instagram and regularly posts photos and videos of his work and personal life, which has helped him promote and grow his brand to the next level.

2. Leverage the power of social media

As per the survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, about 97% of real estate agents use social media to promote their businesses. Social media has the power to help agents connect with relevant clients and attract potential customers. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are useful in creating a strong brand presence. The expansion of social media channels will also aid the development of a strong community of followers, who will become hot leads when the time is right to launch a new product. High-quality images and videos are your tickets to increasing engagement on social channels. Ryan Serhant – the infamous star from the television show Million Dollar Listing New York has put social media to good use, with over 2 million followers on Instagram where he regularly posts and engages with his audience.

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3. Increase your video marketing budget

If you’re familiar with social media algorithms, you’re probably aware that reels and shorts are currently ranking higher than image-based content. This indicates that if you want to reach the maximum number of people and boost your marketing efficacy, you need to invest more in video marketing. Customers who wish to examine properties without leaving the comfort of their homes can view them virtually with a virtual tour. As per the National Association of Realtors, 54% of buyers won’t even consider a property if it doesn’t have a video/virtual tour. 

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4. Start listing on the property marketplace

The marketplace attracts higher traffic when compared to personal websites. There are many popular property marketplaces in India like Magicbricks, 99acres, and Housing.com. These marketplaces have a massive online presence that helps them in attracting millions of visitors every month. Google and NAR discovered that around 51% of home buyers found their purchased homes on the internet. Listing your property on these marketplaces will help you in tapping into this large pool of potential customers and increase the chance of selling.

5. Share emails with a list of potential clients

Email marketing is a personalized way of staying in touch with your audience and generating leads. As per Statists, there are more than 800 million active email users in India. Real estate businesses can leverage the power of email marketing to connect with potential customers as per their preferences. You can share updates related to properties, offers and promotions, industry updates, and more to keep your audience engaged. 

Pro tip: Before you start sending emails via email marketing campaigns, segment your lists based on factors such as preferred buying location, budget, and preference based on the type of property. This will help you in creating a relevant and personalized message.

6. Promote properties with influencer marketing campaigns

A recent report by the Advertising Standards Council of India revealed that about 70% of people are willing to buy products endorsed by social media influencers. This has also become a popular real estate marketing strategy for promoting properties. Real estate businesses can partner with influencers to build trust and credibility among their potential clients. 

A real estate developer partnered with Nikhil Chinapa to promote their property and create buzz around their latest project. This helped them in increasing brand awareness and reach a larger audience. 

7. Utilize drone footage and share area tours

Drone footage can be helpful when it comes to displaying a better perspective of the property you’re working with. By showing an aerial view of the property as well as its surroundings, you are able to create a much more immersive, engaging, and realistic viewing experience. In addition to this, you can create videos that also showcase the local area, along with its attractions, amenities, schools, hospitals, and so on for potential buyers to get a realistic picture of the neighborhood.

8. Upload testimonials and client reviews

There’s no better way of building trust with your potential audience than posting videos and written testimonials from satisfied clients on your website and social channels. A survey by the National Association of Realtors shows that 88% of property buyers trust online reviews and consider them at par with personal recommendations.

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9. Partner with businesses of similar interests

A study suggests that 42% of real estate agents have a preferred list of vendors to partner with them in selling their products. This will help businesses in increasing their visibility and close deals 2X faster. When you partner with those who have similar interests, you end up working together towards a shared goal.

10. Attend events and expos to promote new projects 

Events and property expos act as a valuable real estate marketing strategy in India, as businesses can generate leads instantly and get huge brand viability from thousands of visitors. A report by JLL highlights that real estate events increased by 200% in India between 2010-2019. Some of the most prominent expos in India include the India Real Estate Show and RE/MAX Conclave.

And here’s one bonus strategy – 

11. Create content that compels viewers to take action

You can attract potential buyers by creating unique and compelling content. A survey suggests that 80% of users prefer real estate businesses that have knowledge about the local market and everything related to the property industry. Creating unique content helps you stand out from the crowd and connect with potential audiences better.

Real estate marketing is constantly evolving, it’s no longer just a simple newspaper ad or a poster stuck on walls and vehicles. To succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, it’s important that you stay on top of the latest trends and strategies. Take your real estate marketing to the next level with a powerful video editing tool, Illusto. Create engaging videos, virtual tours, testimonials, and more to build your brand presence. The user-friendly interface will help you in creating eye-catching videos that drive leads and enhance conversions.

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