Color grade your videos online

Adjust the color and tone of your video or a particular scene instantaneously with our quick sliders, adjust it to cold, warm or vibrant tones, make it bright or reduce the shadows, whatever your needs you can color grade like a pro!

Make your videos pop

Add a stylistic look to your videos by grading and editing the colors in them. Use illusto’s color grading tool to make your video look vibrant or dull and add a pop of life to them. Adjust the settings according to your preference until your video looks aesthetically pleasing. Do it in no time and without any editing experience or knowledge. What’s the best part? You can do all of this right from your browser.

How It Works


Vivify your videos

Add colors to your videos with illusto’s advanced color grading tool. Make your videos pop with vibrancy by adjusting the color settings.

Color grading on illusto

Color correct your videos post production

illusto allows you to color-correct your video even after you have recorded your video. You don’t need to shoot your video with fancy lighting or at different angles. With illusto’s color grading tool, you can edit the colors in your recorded video in seconds and without any hassle. Adjust the settings to make your dull videos look vibrant, and share your flawless video project with the world.

Give your videos a Hollywood style look

Edit saturation, brightness, contrast, and other settings with illusto’s online color grading tool. Easily break the monotony in your videos with advanced color correcting, filters and effects to touch up your video. Give your video a flawless Hollywood-style look by adjusting these settings and go from ‘average’ to ‘fantastic’ in no time.

Work with endless customisation

Breathe life into your videos with endless customization options. Choose from different color grading settings like brightness, contrast, temperature, saturation, highlights, and more. Explore all the settings and customize them limitlessly until your video looks perfect. The best part is you can do all of this magic online without having to download any app or software. All you need to do is sign up on illusto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Color grading means altering and enhancing the video colors, by changing different properties, to make them more visually appealing. With this technique, you can highlight something specific on your video by modifying its intensity

You should color-grade your videos to add a cinematic hint to them and make them appear 10x more attractive. By color-grading, your dull videos can look realistic and vibrant without much effort. Color grading is a cool technique that not only defines your video, but also sets the mood.

No, color grading will only enhance the colors of your video. No matter how much you edit, we promise you will get 4K exports. No need to worry about poor video quality, because illusto has got your back when it comes to high resolution exports.