Mask your videos with illusto

Perfect your videos with the masking tool and remove all imperfections, unwanted elements and blemishes from your video content. You can mask like a pro with illusto.

Mask any part of your videos with ease

Struggling to remove something unwanted from your video? Try illusto’s masking tool and clean up your video with ease. Blur or hide different sections of a single shot with preset masking options. Adjust the settings according to your preference until your video looks flawless. Do it in no time and without any editing experience or knowledge. What’s the best part? You can do all of this right from your browser.

How It Works


Mask like a Pro
in minutes

Hide or remove unwanted objects, elements, and blemishes from your footage with a few clicks.

Why Masking on illusto

Remove blemishes post video creation

illusto allows you to remove blemishes or unwanted elements from your video even after you have recorded your video. You don’t need to shoot a perfect video every time. With illusto’s color masking tool, you can edit the frames of your recorded video in seconds and without any hassle. Adjust the settings to mask your imperfect videos and create a flawless video project with minimum effort.

Give your videos a cinema-grade finish

Use illusto’s unique editing capabilities to edit single shots of your video independently and achieve a cinema-grade finish. Cut out some things, place them, or blur some areas of the video. You can also use it to merge two or more clips into one, making it look like a single video. Perfectly target a particular frame for hiding a particular object, cutting, or blurring an image on the video, and achieve a professional finish in minutes.

Work with endless customization

Clean up your videos with endless customization options. Choose from different mask settings like shape size, position, direction, and more. Explore all the settings and customize them limitlessly until your video looks perfect. The best part is you can do all this magic online without downloading any app or software. All you need to do is sign up on illusto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Video masks are a strong tool with distinct editing possibilities. Video masks allow you to freely edit multiple regions of the same shot, allowing you to achieve a variety of artistic effects. Video masks can be used to hide or blur out specific portions of your footage and overlay media on top of it.

When you find an unwanted object or element in your video that is hampering the visual appeal, you can easily mask it by editing or blurring it. You can use illusto’s masking tool to achieve a professional look.

No, with illusto’s masking tool, your video quality doesn’t change at all. When you adjust the visuals of your video on illusto, the quality will remain the same without any changes. You can easily export and download your video in HD.