May 8 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Online Video Editor

5 reasons to use online video creator
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The leaps that video marketing is gaining as a powerful tool for businesses to convey their brand message to potential target audiences accelerates the race to put excellent content out there – faster edits in real-time are a priority and with the existence of online DIY video editors such as illusto, it is becoming easier to produce professional engaging videos sans any experience.

Here are some benefits of adapting to an online video editor that may help accelerate your business advertising. 

Quick collaborations: Online video editors facilitate multiple logins that allow colleagues or/ and clients to share projects and work simultaneously from anywhere across the world. 

Easy compatibility: A cloud storage system also eliminates any software or operating system compatibility issues and minimizes the constant to and fro that is well-associated with video editing. All you need is a good internet connection. 

Faster Work Processes: Editing and rendering videos online helps skip the long download and installation time to instantly get to the matter at hand.  It also means that your work is instantly backed up and saved and is accessible to you faster: online video editors tend to offer faster rendering speeds and are also easier on the pocket. 

Flexible resizing: Online video editors like illusto offer options to resize formats and publish directly to multiple social media platforms. illusto also offers a GIF converter so you can easily transform your videos into meme-worthy GIFS in seconds. 

Always Up To Date: Online video editors are not only easy to use, but they also require zero manual configuration, unlike computer-based video editing software that relies on regular updates. Online video editors automatically offer updated versions and features such as new transitions, filters, and templates almost as soon as they are launched. 

illusto has been created to simplify the video editing learning curve. Here we work hard to empower content creators with no or little professional video editing experience to create videos for work or play with tons of effects, filters, and transitions to choose from.

illusto supports unlimited cloud storage, different export formats, and pre-set sizes that enable you to efficiently edit and publish content without constantly resizing it.  For in-depth work, illusto features an extensive color correction format, along with curve speed and blurring/ masking options, and allows you to export your videos without any watermark. Finally, what’s a video without effective sound? illusto’s a variety of audio edits and special effects to crispen your video. Or simply add live or pre-recorded voiceovers to enhance your messaging.  

Fast, easy, and fun, illusto is where your storytelling skills come to life. 

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