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Edit audio files, trim, apply fade in, fade out, sound effects and do lots more to your video content using illusto’s audio editor. Search for royalty free audio clips, soundtracks and sound effects within illusto's extensive audio library.

Audio Editor for free

Add songs, audio files, sound effects, voiceover, and more to your videos quickly with illusto’s video editor. Edit your audio files seamlessly, right from your browser and without any additional equipment. Trim, crop, adjust the length, timing, or volume, add special effects, and do more with illusto’s audio editor. No prior video editing experience is required.

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How audio enhances videos?

Add audio to your videos

With illusto’s powerful audio editor, you can easily add an outstanding soundtrack to your video footage. Add background sound effects, audio recordings, voiceovers, royalty-free music tracks, and more! Make your story more impactful with the right audio with illusto.

Customize your video with audio

Remove or mute the original audio from your video with illusto’s audio editor. You can use your own soundtrack or royalty-free audio from the stock library. You can also import audio files by uploading them to the media. If you want to add your voice to your video, use illusto’s online live voiceover recorder to record and add a layer of voiceover to your video.

Edit until it fits

With illusto’s online audio editor, you don’t need any additional downloads or equipment. Add your choice of audio to your videos and start editing. Adjust the sound, volume, and length of your audio file. Place it as you please on the timeline and sync it with your video. Change the timing, volume, cut, trim, whatever you need – it’s easier than you can imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Music helps bring your videos to life and increases the engagement of your videos. Adding relevant audio or soundtrack in your videos can help set the mood for your clip. Make your visual stories more appealing and impactful by adding the right kind of music or background score to your videos.

Choose an audio that goes with the visuals of your video. The visuals and sound should be in sync and harmony. Moreover, the audio should match your video’s aesthetic and vibe and resonate with your audience. 

You can easily edit audio files from your computer online using illusto’s audio editor. With this powerful tool, you simply need to upload the audio that you want to use for your video on illusto. You can trim it, add effects to it, speed it up or slow it down, and do a lot more.

Yes, it is absolutely free. Edit your audio files for free by simply signing up on illusto. You don’t need additional downloads or fees. You can do it online without paying anything.