Create eye-catching attention grabbing GIFs in minutes, transform your videos in quick GIFs and memes in under 5 minutes.

Takes Just 5 Minutes to Create GIFs on illusto

Grab the attention of your audiences with GIFs and Memes, its takes less than 5 minutes to create a GIF on our GIF creator. Attract more followers to your social media and brand with the use of engaging content.

How It Works


Too Good Not
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You’re one click away from sharing your GIF with a chance of going viral, add the fun to your brand and social media content.

Why Create GIFs

Easy to make, Super easy to consume!

Create GIFs with illusto’s GIF generator in just three easy steps, you can attract and engage a wider audience through the power of GIFs, you will be creating GIFs on illusto as fast as you can say ‘I love creating content on illusto’.

Attention Grabbers

GIFs are not just easy to make, they are also great at grabbing and stalling a reader’s attention just long enough to pique their interest. GIFs work well on social media, with the potential of them going viral, they are also effective in email marketing to encourage more click throughs.

Quick Communication

Gifs are an excellent way to communicate your message quickly and efficiently – even more than words at times! It is easy to use GIFs for how-tos, step-by-step instructions or just to express yourself and connect with your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the creator (Steve Wilhite), it’s pronounced as JIF! However we feel you should be able to say it however you like!

GIFs aren’t true video files, so they are unable to carry sound. However, you can add text, emoji stickers and other special effects.

GIFs convey short bursts of emotion so make sure your content is obvious enough. If people don’t get it right away, your GIF doesn’t work. The most effective way to design a GIF is to ensure it is a continuous loop — if your gif seems to play infinitely without a definitive start and end point, you know you’ve got it right!

Its easy as 1,2,3 in just 3 steps you can create a GIF or meme. When you are ready click on export, switch to the GIF creator tab input your GIF settings such name, start time, duration, flunecy, play it in your preview window and then hit export and you’re done!