Adjust the speed of your videos online

Change and adjust the speed of your videos online. Speed up or slow down your video clips in a few clicks.

Create speed effects of your own

Add motion to your video clips by adjusting their speed. Make your videos fast or slow using illusto’s speed ramping tool online. You can enable slow motion to add a zest of dramatics or speed up a video to spur the action. Choose from preset speed curves to add a spectacular effect to your videos or customize the speed as per your requirements. Do it in no time and without any editing experience or knowledge. What’s the best part? You can do all of this right from your browser.

How It Works


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Create your slo-mo or time lapsed fast action videos and share it with the world in just one click.

Why speed ramping

Change the speed of your videos

illusto allows you to change the speed of your video in seconds by making it quicker or slower! When it comes to speeds, we provide complete customisation. Select the required speed using the slider. You can select the speed of your video from 0.1x to 8x for stunning effects. You can also use the curve speed tool to adjust the speed for different parts of your video.

Speed up or slow down parts of your video

You could have a few slow-motion clips and some fast-motion clips. You can also adjust the speed with the smart speed curve tool on illusto that enables you to do the velocity edit and set different speeds of different parts in a video simultaneously.You can also pick and choose which parts of the video to speed up or slow down. Simply split the video into sections, choose the segments, and change their speed.


Stand out with spectacular visuals

With illusto’s stunning speed ramping effects, you can spice up your plain video in no time. You can create a slow-motion or timelapse effect with illusto’s video speed controller even if you didn’t shoot the original video in those settings. This easy online tool speeds up and slows down videos in a matter of seconds. With minimal editing experience, you can make compelling slow-mo, timelapse, and hyperspeed videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Speed ramping helps you adjust or change the speed of your video. You can make your videos super slow or super fast, depending on your storytelling.

No, with illusto’s speed ramping tool, your video quality doesn’t change at all. When you adjust the speed of your video on illusto, the quality will remain the same without any changes.

The curve option enables you to do the velocity edit and set different speeds of different parts in a video simultaneously. 

You won’t believe it, but it’s free. You don’t have to spend a single penny to use this speed ramping tool on illusto. It is completely online without any additional charges.

You can create dramatic slow motion videos, timelapse videos or even action-packed super fast videos. Just adjust the speed of your footage using illusto’s speed curve tool or choose from preset speed options.