Green Screen Video Editor Online

Create stunning visuals with the green screen editor. Remove the green screen background from your video footage and add any background or visual of your choice.

illusto's Green screen editor

Edit the background of your video with a few clicks and without additional downloads. With illusto's green screen video editor, you can remove the background of your videos with a single click. When you shoot a video with a green screen background, you may remove it, replace it with another image, and your video will appear as if it was shot with that image in the background! You can change the background to a blank screen, a photo, a slide, or even add animated effects. Let your imagination take you wherever it goes!

How It Works


Edit backgrounds with the
Green Screen editor

Create stunning visuals by removing video backgrounds and adding special effects, static or virtual backgrounds.

How illusto makes it easy

Create videos with virtual backgrounds

Create amazing virtual backgrounds for your videos in no time. You can use illusto to remove the green screen from your videos and replace it with an image or video of your choice. You don’t have to be an expert in video editing. Our online video editor is straightforward to use.

Use stock library

Using high-quality stock videos, photos, and backgrounds, you can create the ultimate green-screen video. Select your green screen stock asset, and layer it with your own video footage or another stock video or image, which you can search on the media library within illusto.

Do it right from your browser

The best part is it is all online! With illusto’s online green screen editor, you don’t need any additional downloads or equipment. Add your choice of background effects to your videos right from your browser and store it all on the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green screen is a special effects method that allows you to remove a specific color from video recordings and replace it with another video or image.

YouTube, gaming, tutorials, business videos, video lessons, e-learning videos, as well as green screen memes, GIFs, social media, and real estate videos can be created.

 When it comes to green screen editing, it can be a little intimidating. But don’t worry! With illusto, you can easily edit green screen videos even if you are starting to edit videos or are a complete beginner. You can edit unlimited videos seamlessly with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools. And you can also edit green-screen videos with our free editor

Yes. If you’re creating your green screen footage, ensure the background is red, blue, or green; otherwise, the master keyer tool won’t work.