May 9 2023

Phone Vs Laptop: What’s A Better Choice For An Online Video Editor

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The best part about video editing these days is that you don’t need to be a professional with an expensive piece of software to do it. Look around you – anyone with a phone is editing their videos for social media; which then poses another question: Why should one bother with editing videos on the laptop anymore? 

Spoiler alert: unless you’re set on completely changing your career to become a professional video editor (in which case, you’ll probably require a desktop), each of these two devices has its pros and cons. Read on to find out what will work for you better at different stages in your editing career. 

Editing on A Smartphone 

Using a smartphone means you are relying on one device for shooting your content and editing it as well as storing files and doing other things like capturing audio. While this is a perfectly acceptable means to produce content, it can result in certain disadvantages such as 

Lesser storage

Video editing requires a lot of storage – something that smartphones cannot really provide. Storing a bunch of files on the phone is not only difficult but frankly quite annoying. You are left with little to no storage space for other important documents and applications.

Video quality

Although editing on your smartphone will prove cheaper, you will be limited in different spheres including the amount of exploration possible as well as the quality of your final videos.

The heartbreak of deleting videos

If you are someone who gets emotionally attached to everything you create (which definitely includes your digital creations), you will hate having to go through the heartbreak of deleting videos and extra media once you are done editing and creating.

Smaller screen

The downside to editing on a smaller screen is the lack of space to host features that can impact your video if you’re looking for more intricate editing. There is a larger chance of missing things as well. 

Lack of Formatting options 

Smartphones also have a limited number of formatting options which can also hinder creativity and narrow the kinds of videos that one can create.



Video editors are not exactly wallet-friendly to the average person. Smartphones come with a wide range of applications to help you edit and create innovative videos without having to spend a penny. While you are also required to pay for many smartphone applications, it is still much cheaper. Of course, online video editors are contributing to solving this issue, but more often than not, you still have to shell out a lot. 

Ideal when you’re on the go

Smartphones are the easiest device to edit videos on when you’re on the go. You just whip it out at a train station or on a bus and continue where you left off. You needn’t carry anything extra so the phone is an ideal editor when you’re on the go.


Smartphones are much more convenient to use than desktops. Trying various effects, features, and tools with your fingers makes you feel more involved with the process and feel more connected to your video.


For many who are just starting out, trying to edit and create videos on a desktop can be quite daunting. Smartphone applications tend to be easier to use and ease a beginner into the video editing process without much trouble.


Video editing on phones is much faster, as apps are placed within easy reach of a smaller screen. It doesn’t take much to tap on an app and continue your editing process. In fact, you can edit multiple videos on the smartphone at a much faster pace saving you a lot of time and energy.

If you’re feeling discouraged, consider these (pros) reasons to start editing videos on your laptop

Better features

Using your laptop to edit allows you to explore many more aspects, features, and effects that may not be available on simple mobile devices. Laptops allow you the freedom and the necessary tools to go crazy with your videos.

Desktop software may be tricky to get familiar with, but once you know your way around you will definitely reap big rewards.

Bigger screen

Laptops obviously have bigger screens than mobile phones and can therefore fit in much more at one go. Having a larger landscape to work on gives you the benefit of being able to keep an eye on every little detail.

Export quality

One of the reasons many people prefer using laptops to edit and create videos is the high-quality resolution and export quality that they offer. While your smartphone might give you an easier experience, laptops will completely enhance your edits to a whole new level.


Compressing videos

The downside to creating high-quality videos on the laptop is the hassle of having to compress them in order to upload them anywhere. This will inevitably reduce the quality and the resolution of your video which defeats the purpose of creating a good video.

– More expensive

While you reap the benefits of using a laptop to edit videos, the problem is that it will cost you more than editing on the phone.

The choice of device for editing can ultimately only be determined by you – the kind of editor you imagine yourself to be and the type of videos you’re looking to edit.

Here are some things that you should consider before spending a packet on heavy editing equipment. 

What sort of video editor are you looking to become?

Are you looking to edit videos for fun reels or become a content creator that engages audiences? 

Do you want to edit fun videos for family and friends or professional videos for your company website?

If you’re not looking to go pro, but are genuinely interested in the fine art of video editing, a laptop is an ideal choice for you. 

Not only does laptop software give you more space to explore, but they also provide you with the best possible version of your content.

Why can’t you consider using both devices? You can! For instance, if you own an Android phone and regularly use a Microsoft or Windows PC, it is possible to sync both these devices to edit and create the best possible videos. You could start an edit on the phone and always continue it later on your laptop. There are several apps that you can download on your smartphone to link your work to the laptop.

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