May 4 2023

The Importance Of A Good Video Transition

The importance of video transition
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Fade, Push To Top, Page Curl – a good transition is what pieces a good video together. Cut away from the standard transitions to experiment with illusto’s many varieties. 

With the evolution of video editing technology, transitions – a post-production technique used in video editing to connect one shot to another – have unsurprisingly undergone a series of transformations themselves to enhance the impact of the storyline. Recognizing this small, but integral requirement of any video editor worth their reels, illusto’s team has already provided a mesmerizing number of transitions – 28 to be exact — to avail while editing videos on illusto’s platform, with more coming your way. While, in the world of film editing, transitions still convey important pauses, a passage of time, and integral silences; in short videos, they can add a ‘wow’ element to make your storyline much more engaging than the usual paraphernalia of content. 

Alongside your essentials – fade, dip to black/ white, push to the right – illusto has also concocted interesting 2D and 3D transitions that can really amp up your video without having to divest too much energy.  

illusto’s ‘Shaking 1’ and ‘2’/ Zoom and Zoom Right are particularly interesting transition effects as they allow for a dynamic changeover in scenes that want to deliver a strong makeover or transformation effect. 

Remember the days of downloading those ‘interrupted signal’ effects to kickstart a video? Consider them eliminated with this cool ‘Signal Disturb transition’. It’s not something that might go in every video you edit, but it’s there if you need it. 

illusto’s 3D transitions are funky and can come in handy when you’re looking to create a video presentation. It’s an easy way to spruce up birthday or anniversary videos that can get quite boring with standard photographs and the same transition. It’s also an easy way to cut ahead of insta reel lovers, what with illusto’s larger variety.  The Lens Flare, Push To Top, and Star transitions are particularly reel-friendly. 

A transition is fun to use when you have the opportunity to film or edit the same scene that has been shot using different visual angles. The funk of a transition is, however, rendered useless, if it is not placed appropriately. The simple cut still retains its popularity because of the fact representation that less is indeed more. After all, you don’t want to annoy or distract your audience from the most important part of your video – its storyline. The role of a transition remains simple: to convey to the viewer that the scene has changed, with the added incentive of visual enhancement. Your transition also doesn’t have to be visual all the time – it can be conveyed with music or sound effects; something you can choose from our vast library of offerings. 

Remember, sometimes it is as important to not use transitions as it is to employ them. Great editing is what makes for an excellent video, and that starts here with illusto. Happy editing!

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