May 11 2023

Video Ads And Their Role In Marketing Campaigns

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Using video marketing to tell your story is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audiences. Why? Because that’s what today’s audience is interested in – video content.

According to the data gathered by Statista, there were over 3 billion (3.37 billion to be precise) internet users that consumed video content in 2022. The average global video consumption in a day is estimated to be 84 minutes.

Additionally, according to Wyzowl, 91% of consumers want to see more and more online video content from brands.

If these statistics are not convincing enough, we can go on!

To cut a long story short, video content is the future, and the future is here and now. As a brand looking to create strong marketing campaigns that bring in good returns, video marketing – which may include YouTube videos, shorter videos on other social media platforms, live streams, customer testimonials, and video ads!

What is video advertising?

Video advertising is the promotional video content that plays either before, during, or after one has streamed content online. The term refers to specially curated video ads that may align with a particular brand or company’s marketing strategy as a whole.

Video ads have the potential of reaching millions and billions of people through a wide variety of video formats across various devices, channels, and platforms.

Video advertisements have become an increasingly popular part of modern marketing campaigns due to the rise in the consumption of video content.

What are the benefits of video ads to marketing campaigns today?

In today’s age, video ads offer a modern and interactive alternative to traditional forms of marketing including radio, billboards, and the printed word.

To understand the true potential of video ads, here is a list of reasons video ads are beneficial to marketing campaigns and strategies:

  1. Video tells a story

With every video, there’s a story. And for every story, there’s a viewer who relates to it. Videos help you connect with your audience in a manner that other marketing strategies cannot. As human beings, we are easily impressed by stories, especially when those stories have something in them that touches us. Through video ads, it is much easier to engage consumers as well as increase revenue.

An award-winning ad produced by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia showed a huge number of cute animated blobs meeting their doom due to unsafe behavior near trains. Not only has this ad won 5 grand prizes at the Cannes Lions festival, but it has over 170 views and has also been credited with reducing the number of accidents on metro trains by 20%!

  1. Shareability of video ads

Audiences are much more likely to share video ads as compared to boring old banners or posters. According to research, more than 700 videos are shared by Twitter users every minute! Video ads are typically short and sweet, relatable, and don’t ask much of you – all of which makes them extremely shareable. The more viewers share your video, the more chances it has to go viral. 

  1. Higher engagement

It’s pretty clear that video ads are way more engaging than text-based ads or static images on a page. In fact, there’s scientific research to back up why video is more effective than other forms of advertising. 65% of the population in the world is actually classified as ‘visual learners’, and about 90% of the information processed by our brains is visual! Video ads help to tell a story, and allow marketers to truly connect with their audiences on a deeper, emotional level. 

  1. Influences decisions and boosts revenue

According to studies, 88% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video. In effectively demonstrating the benefits of a product or service, video ads encourage viewers to take action. According to the findings of a survey done by Animoto, it was found that consumers prefer to watch a video over reading about a product or looking at photos to learn more about it.

By influencing decisions, video ads are a quick and effective way to also boost your revenue. Those who utilize video ads are likely to build revenue 49% faster as compared to those who don’t use video. For instance, Poo Pourri’s famous video ad has actually helped increase the company’s value from $10 million to $30 million since it went viral.

  1. Creates brand awareness

Video ads create lasting impressions on viewers. High-quality video ads are one of the best ways to create and sustain brand trust and awareness. According to studies, a customer’s chances of buying a product increase by 97% if they find its ad appealing. Additionally, even if they do not end up buying the product, their awareness of the brand greatly increases (by 139%).

  1. Versatile

Video ads are extremely versatile in terms of where and how they can be played and watched. They can be played across a wide variety of platforms – from YouTube to Instagram, and devices – from television to mobile phones and tablets. There is a video ad for everyone everywhere. This is one of the greatest benefits of video advertising. 

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  1. Cost-friendly 

When it comes to the cost involved, video ads are extremely cost-effective and budget-friendly. Big platforms like YouTube and Google have a wide reach, and the video ads on such platforms stay in the search results for a long time. If your video content is engaging, this is extremely beneficial to your brand. Video ads are even shared across various social media platforms and thus have no boundaries as such. By spending the initial required amount, you can take your brand to the next level through video ads.

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  1. The impact is measurable

One of the most interesting benefits of video ads is that their data can be measured. The analytics of these video ads are easily found on multiple platforms. It’s possible to measure the results of every video advertisement in terms of views, likes, comments, shares, conversions, engagement, and other key metrics, allowing marketers to track their success and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

At the end of the day, for marketers, it’s all about ROIs and results. And on that note, here are some more interesting facts for you.

Video is actually reported to be a great medium for product information since about 97% of marketers have admitted to video having helped their users to gain a better understanding of their products and services. Also, video significantly helps in direct purchasing with 64% of consumers purchasing products directly after watching a video ad!

When done right, video ads can seriously help you develop a strong bond with both your existing as well as potential customers, and increase web traffic and engagement, thus generating leads and boosting sales. 

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