May 14 2023

Riding The Wave: How To Leverage The Latest Video Marketing Trends In 2023?

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In the world of marketing, video content has become an essential tool for brands to connect with their audience. However, with the constantly evolving nature of video marketing, it’s crucial for brands to stay up to date with the latest trends to remain relevant and capture the attention of their target audience.

As we are a quarter deep into 2023, new video marketing trends are emerging, and it’s vital for brands to understand how to leverage them effectively. In this blog, we will explore the latest video marketing trends for 2023, providing insights into how brands can incorporate them into their marketing strategies. Additionally, we will look at how illusto can be used as a powerful tool for creating and editing different types of trendy videos. So, whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or simply interested in video marketing, this blog will provide valuable insights on how to stay ahead of the curve and ride the wave of the latest video marketing trends in 2023.

The hottest video trends of 2023 and how to leverage them.

Create videos to promote your business on social media, grow your YouTube channel, or become a content creator. Take a look at this year’s hottest video trends.

#1 The shorter, the better

One of the latest video marketing trends to watch out for in 2023 is the rise of short-form video content. Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels have popularized this format, with their emphasis on quick, attention-grabbing videos that are often 60 seconds or less. The benefits of short-form video content are numerous, including its ability to engage with younger audiences who have shorter attention spans and a preference for bite-sized content. You can leverage this by creating short-form video content like quick videos, or short explainers.


#2 Interactive videos are steaming

Another emerging trend in video marketing is the rise of interactive video experiences. Shoppable videos and choose-your-own-adventure style videos are gaining popularity as they offer a unique and engaging experience for viewers. Interactive videos enable brands to create an immersive experience that encourages audience participation, increases engagement, and boosts conversions. The benefits of interactive videos are significant, as they can increase engagement and conversions by providing a more immersive experience for the viewer.

For instance, Deloitte filmed an interactive video. The ‘Day in the Life’ video of a Deloitte employee, allows users to choose how they’d react to a number of different work-based scenarios. From telling a co-worker about spilled coffee on their jacket, to what to do if a printer breaks – each one highlights the various skills and attributes valued by the company.

#3 Did you react yet?

Reaction videos have become increasingly popular in recent years, with creators across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram using this format to engage with their audiences. This trend involves filming oneself reacting to content, such as a new music video, TV show, or movie trailer. 

The benefits of creating reaction videos are numerous, as they allow creators to showcase their personalities, connect with their viewers on a more personal level, and tap into popular culture. You can easily create reaction videos and leverage this trend to stand out as a creator.

Popular hairstylist Brad Mondo posts a lot of reaction videos while reacting to people who are cutting or dying their own hair. It builds a lot of engagement in the community.

#4 Cook a good challenge. 

In recent times, challenge videos have become a viral sensation across various social media platforms, with creators engaging in fun and often hilarious tasks to showcase their skills, creativity, and personalities. 

The trend has given rise to numerous challenges, from dance challenges to cooking challenges to even makeup challenges, that have captured the attention of audiences worldwide. For creators, challenge videos offer a unique opportunity to engage with their followers, showcase their talents, and potentially go viral. The key is to make unique videos on trending challenges and create compelling content that resonates with your audience.

For example, Rihanna’s beauty brand Fenty Beauty is killing it on TikTok. Their account has been seen joining fun viral challenges such as the #simbachallenge and #sostunna.

#5 Silence is trending.

As video marketing continues to evolve, another trend gaining traction in 2023 is silent videos. With more viewers choosing to watch videos without sound, it’s important for brands to consider adding captions to their videos. Captions not only make videos accessible to people with hearing impairments, but they also enable viewers to consume content in public spaces without disturbing others. 

Adding captions to your videos can make them easily understandable and consumable, and hence reduce the bounce rates. You can easily add captions to your videos on illusto.com using the text tool. Add captions and leverage this video trend to grow your audience.

For instance, a lot of travel and lifestyle creators post their travel videos with captions for users to read and understand them even if they are watching them silently.

#6 Talk less, do more.

The trend of no-talking videos is a growing phenomenon in the world of video marketing. These videos typically feature creators performing actions or dancing, while text or captions float on the screen, providing context or instructions to the viewer. This format is gaining popularity because it is simple, visually engaging, and doesn’t require any dialogue. These videos can be used to capture the attention of viewers. You can make no-talking videos to showcase your product features to create viral challenges.

Makeup brands like Maybelline post a lot of videos where creators are seen doing their makeup, testing products, and more without talking. The message is conveyed through actions and it’s equally impactful.

#7 Keep it relatable. 

One of the most evergreen trends in video marketing is the importance of keeping your content relatable to your target audience. It’s essential to create content that resonates with your audience to build a loyal following and establish a strong brand identity. This means paying attention to every aspect of your video, from the visuals and style to the content and music. By understanding your audience’s preferences, needs, and pain points, you can create videos that speak directly to them and establish a deeper connection.

If your audience is kids aged between 10-12 years, you cannot create complex videos that can be understood by people between the ages of 25-30 years. By understanding your target audience, interests, and preferences, you can create videos that resonate with them on a personal level. Whether it’s through visual storytelling, the style of the video, the content, or the music, relatability is key to building a loyal following. 

#8 Vertical video is the new norm.

Vertical video is a video format that has gained immense popularity in recent years, driven primarily by the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. This format offers a unique viewing experience that is optimized for mobile devices, making it ideal for users who consume content on the go. 

 You can create vertical-size videos on illusto or resize any video into a vertical size from illusto’s resizing tool which offers many preset sizes. Vertical videos can be used to capture the attention of younger audiences and can be adapted to different brands. From creative storytelling to highlighting product features, brands leverage this trend to create engaging video content.

#9 Go live.

Live stream videos are another video marketing trend that has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. This approach involves broadcasting live events, webinars, or Q&A sessions to engage with the audience in real time. The benefits of live video streaming are numerous, as they can help build a more personal connection with the audience, foster a sense of community, and increase engagement.  

Live stream videos can be anything – from product launches to customer support. Different brands can conduct live streams in order to engage their audience and leverage this trend to their advantage. You can go live directly from your browser using illusto studio which allows you to live stream simultaneously on different social channels. This will ensure maximum exposure and reach for your brand. For instance, Kylie Cosmetics does a lot of Instagram live showcasing the products and behind the scenes.

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#10 Add a personal touch.

Personalized video content is a growing trend in video marketing, offering a more tailored experience for viewers. Brands are leveraging personalized videos to create a deeper connection with their audiences, providing customized messages that resonate with individual viewers. The benefits of personalized videos are significant, as they can increase engagement and conversions by making viewers feel valued and understood.

This approach involves creating video content that is tailored to the individual viewer, based on their interests, demographics, or behavior. The benefits of personalized videos are significant, as they can increase engagement and conversions by providing a more relevant and memorable experience for the viewer. The key is to create content that resonates with your audience.

How Can You Create Videos for every trend?

You no longer have to invest in expensive software or hire someone else to create trending videos. You can create your videos even with zero budget. illusto is an easy-to-use yet powerful video editor that can help you create and edit videos for any trend. With its extensive library of stock assets, effects, and animations, you can quickly create visually appealing and engaging videos that stand out on any platform. 

illusto includes a live voice recorder, an audio editor, and other advanced editing tools, making it simple to tweak and tailor your videos to your individual needs.

To get the most out of illusto, you should experiment with various styles and effects, as well as employ compelling visuals and text to attract your audience’s attention. You can keep ahead of the curve in video marketing by using illusto to generate attractive content that resonates with your audience.


The way forward. 

Video marketing is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging every year. As we move deeper into 2023, it’s essential for brands to stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest video marketing trends to capture their audience’s attention. From short-form videos to interactive experiences, personalized content, live streams, and relatable videos, there are many ways to engage with your audience and increase conversions.

By using illusto as a tool to create and edit different types of trendy videos, brands can stay on top of their video marketing game. Whether you’re a small business owner, a content creator, or a marketer, illusto can help you create high-quality videos that resonate with your target audience.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring the latest video marketing trends for 2023 and start creating illusto to create stunning videos that capture your audience’s attention and grow your brand. Sign up today.

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