May 11 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Creating Marketing Videos For Your Brand

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Fun Fact: While some believe video entered the mainstream around 2010, others are sure that video came in through the launch of YouTube in 2005, which was then bought by Google in 2006.

Today, in 2023, creating marketing videos for businesses has become more important than ever. A brand can reach a whole new level through video marketing. Whether it’s raising brand awareness, creating value, or reaching more audiences, video marketing can help you do it all. And the good news is that it hasn’t only become inevitable, but it has also gradually become more cost-effective and easier to accomplish.

According to the data collected by Statista, there were about 3.37 billion internet users that were consuming video content in 2022. What’s crazier is that this number is set to increase by 2023, when it is believed to reach 3.5 billion.

Also, an estimated 82% of global internet traffic came from video in 2022. 

The stats don’t lie, and neither are we when we tell you that creating marketing videos for your brand is more important than ever today.

The importance of video marketing today

The video has become a staple of everyone’s internet diet and there’s no going back. In this fast-paced world, with technology at our fingertips and YouTube as our teacher, attention spans have gotten to an all-time low. Check out our other blog where we discuss why short-form videos are trumping long-form videos today!

We want more but we want it faster. The solution to this is clear: video.

Here’s a list of some reasons why video is king for brands today:

– It is a favorite among mobile users

– It improves SEO

– Video helps to boost conversions and sales

– It increases engagement

– Easily shareable

– Creates brand awareness

– Brings great ROIs

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Types of marketing videos

While some video formats peak on certain platforms, others work better elsewhere. Here are the types of marketing videos that one can create for their brand:

1. How-to videos

2. Explainer videos

3. Demo videos

4. Brand videos

5. Interactive videos

6. Expert videos

7. Q&A videos

8. Event videos

9. Testimonial videos

10. Animated videos

11. Augmented reality videos

12. 360-degree videos

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Creating a video marketing strategy

If you’re pumped to start creating videos right away, we’d say pause for a minute. Why? Because we don’t want you to dive into the world of video marketing without a strategy at hand first. Once you have a strategy, half the battle is already won.

Let’s take a look at a potentially good video marketing strategy.

  1. Identify and understand your target audience

Any good video marketing campaign or strategy should begin with thorough research. Understanding your audience, the kind of content they like, which platforms they are most likely to spend their time on, and so on. Identifying your target audience is key to understanding how to go about your strategy in a better, more effective manner. This will help you to tailor your videos to your audience’s tastes and preferences while promoting your brand. 

  1. Set your aims and goals

Settling objectives is never a bad idea. Deciding on your goals will not only guide your creative decisions but also make it easier to measure and analyze your video content through the same lens. The question is about what your brand wishes to achieve through the video content being put out – is it brand awareness, lead generation, driving traffic and sales, or all of them? Setting clear aims will help you and the team to narrow down your priorities and work in a more organized manner.

  1. Decide on a budget

Planning and project management will help you save both time and money on video creation. However, don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you spent a lot of money on a particular video project, it will yield a good return. Plan out a budget and more importantly, stick to it. There’s no need to go overboard with funds if your video execution is not the best. Illusto is a free marketing video maker that can help you keep within your budget.

  1. Decide on your format/s

What kind of videos do you want to create for your brand? Is it informative videos that will educate your audience about your product or service, or is it brand videos that will focus on the message of your brand, or is it addressing your customer’s needs and queries through various video types like Q&A videos? Whatever your goals are, it is important to choose the most fitting format for your videos. Whatever you decide on should stick to your brand message without wavering.

  1. Create a good script

A well-written script might as well be the foundation of a successful video. Keeping your target audience and goals in mind, create a script that is concise, conversational, and interesting. Making it informative while also keeping it engaging is key. Using eye-catching visuals and storytelling methods will greatly help to enhance your script. Creating a well-knit script will help you how to make marketing videos.

  1. Use good-quality visuals

When it comes to video making, high-quality visuals are extremely important. Ensuring that your video is visually appealing and professional at the same time will help to make a good impression among your viewers. Don’t shy away from using animation, special effects, live-action footage, stickers, music, and so on to grab the attention of your audience.

  1. Optimize your videos for SEO

Using keywords, descriptions, tags and so on will greatly increase your chances of ranking higher and being seen by a larger audience. However, adhering to different strategies for different platforms is a good idea too. Depending on which channels you choose to post your videos on, making sure they are optimized to bring in the highest level of engagement is necessary. Each platform works slightly differently, and a subtle tweak can be the difference between your video breaking records or going unnoticed. For instance, short 60-90 second videos work better while YouTube caters to longer videos.

  1. Promote your video content

Once posted, promotion of your videos on various other platforms will help you gain more reach. Whether it is through social media, your website, email marketing, or other channels, don’t miss out on this crucial step. Although videos are built to advertise your brand, they don’t actually promote themselves. Taking, for instance, product videos for marketing, one has to promote them. The more visibility your video gets, the better it performs. 

  1. Measure, Test… and repeat

Arguably one of the most crucial parts of video marketing is measuring and analyzing your videos. Track your growth, find the best metrics, and so on to measure the success of your videos. It is important to not only measure the data derived from your videos but also to test as you go. Maybe what you thought might work doesn’t actually play out. Maybe something you thought of as trivial is actually what you needed to pay attention to. Some things that can be measured are engagement rate, view count, sharing, feedback or comments, etc. Make sure you constantly try and test the video content being pushed out, and adapt accordingly.

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