July 28 2023

Leveraging Social Media for Video Marketing Success

Social Media for video marketing.
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The digital era that we are living in today has made social media a common place for people to connect and interact regularly. Social media platforms provide a shared space for entertainment, information acquisition, and overall content consumption all in one. Social media has become so prominent that according to a report, over 4.74 billion people around the world use it. And more than 93% of internet users are also social media users.

With such widespread use and popularity, social media has become an important hub for marketers and content strategists. Since it is a place where people of varying age groups can be met easily, it is the place that you want to invest in as a marketer. Above and beyond this, startups and small businesses must leverage social media for their video marketing strategies, and the simple reason for this is that social media seems to love video.

The second blog in our three-part blog series on video marketing takes a look at why social media platforms prefer video over other types of content.

Why do social media platforms prefer video content?

It’s quite interesting to know that social media platforms have a favorite when it comes to the kind of content posted on them. Video content seems to have an edge over other forms of content, and there’s no avoiding it.

Here are a few reasons why social media platforms themselves prefer video:

  1. The algorithm loves video

Social media algorithms love video content. Algorithms are programmed in such a way as to analyze factors such as engagement patterns, user preferences, and overall content performance to push out the best content for users. Since video accounts for longer time spent on a given piece of content as well as higher engagement rates, social media algorithms conclude that such content is not only more interesting but also more valued by users, resulting in more video content being pushed out for users.

  1. Increased user engagement

It is no secret that video has the power to capture users’ attention and keep them engaged far more effectively and quicker than text or static images. It is also much more convenient for users to consume video content as compared to graphic content. Algorithms, as mentioned, prefer video and are lazy when it comes to graphic and static content. Additionally, when people find a video interesting or informative, they are quick to share, like, comment and engage with it. A good interactive user experience is more memorable and thus worth much more than graphic posts that are easily forgotten at the end of the day.

  1. Paid advertisements are a big plus

Social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok thrive on their user engagement and behavior. Since their main aim is to retain their users by getting them to keep coming back, video content is the preferred content type due to the level of engagement it brings. Video content is more optimized by audiences and has the potential to go ‘viral’. Paid advertisements and ad campaigns are leveraged by brands and are a great way to draw users in and keep them hooked. Video advertisements bring in much revenue and have high shareability, which also allows them more visibility with larger audiences.

  1. Everyone wants to stay with the trends in the market

At the end of the day, social media platforms are looking to bring in more customers than ever, and if video is a market trend that brings users back to their platforms time and time again, then video content is what they would rather promote. With the constantly evolving digital landscape, there is a rising need to outdo the competition, and with data showing the response that video content has received, more and more social media platforms are incorporating it into their ecosystems.

  1. Video provides a mobile-friendly experience

According to a 2022 study, there are an estimated 6.8 billion smartphone users worldwide, out of a total world population of 8 billion. With the growing sale and consumption of smartphones, social media platforms are focusing on providing their users with an experience that is best suited for their smartphones. Prioritizing video content calls for a more immersive and engaging experience for smartphone users, thus bringing in more revenue for the application.

Overall, social media platforms and their algorithms are focused on optimizing video content over graphic posts because video is what reels people in and makes sure they stay. For small businesses and startups looking to expand their horizons, incorporating video content into their social media strategy or, rather, using social media to further their video marketing strategy is key. Take a look at the advantages of leveraging social media for small businesses.

Why should startups and small businesses leverage social media for video marketing?

On average, people watch 17 hours of online video content per week. 91% of people have also said that they are expecting more video content from brands in 2023.

For small businesses and startups with limited marketing budgets, creating and pushing out video content on social media is one of the best ways to grow. Social media platforms love video because their users love video, and if users love video then that is the route that marketers must take.

Here are a few reasons that small businesses should focus on social media videos within their marketing strategy:

  1. Video always tells and sells a story.

One of the best ways for a brand to connect with its audience is through video. This is because video content has an appeal in its storytelling like no other content type. Brands have the power to captivate and keep viewers engaged through a video – whether it is through a brand video, a tutorial, a customer testimonial, and so on. Human beings tend to connect more with something when there is a believable story behind it, and creating videos for social media is one of the best ways to get your story out there.

  1. Best ROI, least waste

Now that we know how well video content does on social media platforms, it is quite obvious that investments in videos optimized for socials give the best returns. Since the algorithms are actively working to promote video content, as a brand you need not worry about your investments going to waste on social media. And for startups, smaller spendings are a huge win. Instagram will take care of your ROIs as long as you provide it with well-optimized, consistent, and creative reels, story videos, and other video content.

  1. Unique experience

Video content always has the promise of limitless potential. The possibilities for creating video content are endless, allowing brands to provide consumers with immersive, engaging, and informative content that is worth their time. Text and static posts tend to be forgotten easily with the rush of information on social media, but well-made, unique video content will always stand out from the crowd.

  1. Brand trust and recognition

Brands not only have the ability to create unique experiences but also build trust and enhance brand recall for their audiences. In showcasing who they are, what their core values are, and how they hope to serve their customers – through video – brands have the power to build a strong foundation as well as a trusted relationship with their audience. Video content is also more memorable and will help in brand recognition and recall to a huge extent.

  1. Data that is trackable

The best part about creating brand videos for social media is that every bit of data can be tracked and analyzed during and after posting. Brands can easily track what videos are preferred, how much of a video was watched, how many times it was watched, and even if it was abandoned or ignored altogether. Video content is also easily shared and provides more engagement that can be analyzed in order to adapt strategy accordingly. 

Startups and small businesses must use the power of social media and leverage video content to broaden their horizons and come up with the best possible marketing strategies that will help them to grow faster than ever in this digitally optimized world.

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