September 25 2023

The power of video marketing within businesses

The power of video marketing within business
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Video has emerged as a beacon of light in our digital era of instant results and shrinking attention spans. Our blog on Why Businesses Need a Robust Video Marketing Strategy to Grow discusses the advantages of video in this age of technology. This implies that video marketing is making a permanent place within the marketing strategies of almost every business today. Statistics show that 86% of marketing professionals are actively using video as a marketing tool. 

With such widespread use of video marketing across industries today, something that a lot of businesses may not realise is how video can also be used in-house. Yes, we’re suggesting that it is possible to use video across various departments of your organisation to improve efficiency. 

According to Wyzowl, of all the marketers that began using video as a marketing tool in 2022, 41% could do so because it has become easier to create in-house, 34% claimed that it is quicker and not time-consuming to create, and 30% agreed that video creation has become much more affordable.

While all these factors surely strengthen marketing strategies and contribute to the growth of businesses, what they also showcase is that video can now be created at smaller levels with lesser time and money involved. This means that it won’t cost much to create videos for internal purposes within organisations. 

This final blog in our three-part blog series on video marketing explores the possibilities of leveraging video within the ecosystem of your organisation in order to help with productivity while also making it more fun!

Where can video be embedded within businesses

Businesses can leverage video marketing across various departments within their organisation. We have put down a few areas that can take advantage of video.

  • Human Resources (HR)

There are a number of ways in which HR can utilise video marketing to enhance and carry out its operations. Onboarding processes can be smoothened through short videos from company leaders to introduce new employees with the culture, mission, values, and goals of the organisation. Company policies and benefits can also be explained in creative and engaging videos during the orientation process. 

Even job descriptions can be made fun and insightful by explaining a potential candidate’s roles and responsibilities through video. Videos can be created for training purposes, going over topics such as compliance, inclusivity, diversity and so on. 

Video messages from HR can be sent to announce important changes and updates in the organisation. Additionally, video messages can be created to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and other employee achievements. The company culture and activities can also be showcased on social media and other platforms through video. 

Employees can be guided through videos to set goals, track their progress, and prepare for performance reviews through elaborate and informative videos. If the company has invested in a new software and desires better uptake on it, a quick video can be made and circulated on the same. Product demo videos can be circulated within the company in order for internal staff to gain a better understanding of how it can be used. 

  • Operations

The operations department is another one wherein video can be leveraged to increase efficiency and productivity in various ways. Video tutorials explaining various SOPs can be created for different tasks. Video presentations can be made to give teams information on progress, achievements, and results. Video case studies are another great way to document optimisation for different processes. 

Quality control procedures can be explained through videos for better understanding. Internal operations-led events, workshops and so on can be promoted, generating interest through video. Important takeaways from these events can also be shared through videos.

  • Finance

Although this may sound unconventional, video can be quite helpful to the finance department as well. Financial concepts can be simplified and explained to employees through video. The budgeting process can also be explained through videos showing the allocation of funds to different departments. Additionally, financial reports and statements can also be discussed with shareholders and investors. 

Tax-related issues such as filing, changes in tax codes, tax deductions, etc can be informed through well-produced, crisp videos. Various other financial processes and concepts including invoices, bookkeeping, annual returns, payment tracking, etc can be explained by making quick videos on illusto. Overall, video is an extremely useful tool for businesses to be financially transparent even within their organisation.

  • Marketing

Undoubtedly, marketing can leverage video marketing in multiple ways. From the website to social media, paid advertisements, and so on, video marketing brings in a lot of revenue for a brand. 

Video can also be used in various ways by the marketing department. Create videos to showcase brand culture, values, and goals for better emotional connection with the in-house staff. Informative videos including DIYs, tutorial videos, product demos, and so on are an interesting way to get people to engage with your products. 

Customer testimonials and video case studies are another way to utilise video marketing for your brand. New product launches, company announcements, events, workshops, and other company activities can be promoted through video. 

  • Sales

The sales department is one that can greatly benefit from video marketing both internally and externally. One of the most important areas where the sales department can utilise the power of video marketing is to close sales. In case a product is complex and cannot be explained to potential leads, short videos can help with showcasing the product in an effective manner, along with its benefits, key features, as well as how it can solve a customer’s problems. 

In addition, video testimonials are a great way to gain trust with potential clients and showcase success stories. FAQs can be addressed through shorter video messages to not only save time but also convey messages and objectives in a clear and precise manner. Video tutorials and product demos are a great way to help customers even post-sales. Video content can be incorporated into sales email campaigns and video presentations can be made for sales proposals.

  • Product Team

Apart from its use externally, video is of immense value to the product team within the organisation. For instance, every time the team works on a new product, service, or application, the best way to get the idea across and well-explained to the whole organisation before selling is through video. Internal training videos explaining various features, upgrades, use cases, and advantages of products can be created to make the marketing, sales, and customer support teams gain more clarity and familiarity with products. Also, if a product engineer has an issue or problem, a quick video can explain exactly where they’re stuck. 

Tutorial videos or video manuals can be created to guide proper usage of a product, new features and product updates can be discussed and so on. In order to increase understanding of competitors, in-house comparison videos can help to view the exact similarities and differences. 

Technical documentation is an essential way to acquire in-depth analysis and insights into APIs, product architecture and so on.

While these are just a few, there are many other departments that can leverage the power of video including Admin, IT, Training and Development, Customer Support, Quality Assurance and so on.

Since video is easy to consume and understand, has a storytelling factor, and helps to build trust between the viewer and the creator, it is a great tool to use not only externally but also internally within departments of an organisation. It is a feature that should be tapped into much more for internal purposes. 

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