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If you’re looking for a reliable platform to not only build your online presence but also sustain it long-term, YouTube might just be the answer calling out to you. Why? Research says that YouTube has about 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors! Being one of the most effective social media platforms and a powerful marketing tool used by various businesses, YouTube is pretty much an unstoppable force today.

If you are looking to grow your business through video marketing, YouTube is the best place to achieve that. YouTube provides really great opportunities for companies to promote their businesses to both local and global audiences.

However, there is an art to leveraging YouTube for your business, and it starts with having a good YouTube marketing strategy.

10 youtube marketing strategies to follow

We’ve covered the basics of starting a YouTube channel and how to go about it, check it out here if you haven’t yet! 

There are a number of effective Youtube marketing strategies that businesses and individuals can use to promote their brands, products, or services. Here is a list of 10 YouTube Marketing Tips to follow in order to build an effective YouTube presence that will last:

  1. Conduct competitive analysis

YouTube is an extremely popular platform with a host of businesses working around the clock to push out content. It’s always a good idea to study not only your target audience but also analyze who your potential business competitors and rivals are. This is a good way to understand the kind of competition out there, to get an idea of how you should be working, and the possibilities for your channel.

Shortlist about 4-5 of your most successful competitors and pay close attention to their video titles, descriptions, and even comments for better insight. Maybe even go the distance to determine their weaknesses and strengths.

  1. Youtube shorts

YouTube’s latest feature – YouTube Shorts – is something that you don’t want to miss out on. Unlike YouTube’s standard template, these are short-form vertical videos – similar to the reels of Instagram – that one can make and share on the platform. However, unlike other platforms, these shorts don’t disappear but stay on the platform. 

YouTube shorts are an extremely new feature, but it’s something to get used to and leverage for your channel. You can use these 60-second or fewer videos as a funnel to your main content on the platform. Since they’re short, it’s easier to spend more time watching more of them. Use YouTube shorts to increase viewership, interest in your channel, and ultimately subscribers.

  1. Use closed captions and subtitles

Subtitles greatly contribute to your SEO ranking since every bit of text that is put out along with your video contributes to your rankings. Additionally, closed captions and subtitles always help users to comprehend your content much more effectively. It’s also a really helpful tool for viewers who may have hearing disabilities. Subtitles also help to increase the engagement and viewership of your videos. You will find greater watch time stats on videos that have subtitles as compared to those that do not.

  1. Organize your content into series and playlists

YouTube playlists are collections of videos that are meant to be played in order and are typically based on a certain common topic. YouTube playlists are a great way to organize your video content. They also make it easier for your audience to sort through your content and engage with it longer. Additionally, if users watch any video from your playlist, there are higher chances of them watching more videos from the same playlist. When your audience and subscribers watch multiple videos from the same playlist in a row, it will help you to better your search results.

  1. Youtube Ads

If your marketing team has a budget for YouTube, YouTube ads are a great place to put that to use. YouTube advertising is something that will reach audiences even beyond your own channel and subscribers. A smart idea would be to target a particular audience that you think might be interested in your brand, product, or service. Due to their huge audience, YouTube ads get a lot of attention and make a huge impact.

  1. Closely work with the Youtube algorithm

Working closely with the YouTube algorithm will bring you long-term results. Optimizing your videos by adding appropriate titles, descriptions, and tags, using the right keywords, creating custom and recognizable thumbnails, using calls to action, and so on will surely help your rankings in the YouTube world. Constantly analyze and revert back to your data and statistics and keep adapting to the changing needs and trends floating around.

  1. Create a consistent brand image

Making sure that your YouTube video has a consistent brand image will go a long way in actually further growing your brand. Create a consistent look through colors, logos, and other visual elements that match your brand image. This will help audiences to remember your brand and recognize it wherever they go. It will also help your videos and your channel to stand out as a whole. When it comes to creating a volatile brand image, illusto is the best video editing software for YouTube.

  1. Using clickable time stamps

Clickable time stamps in your description will make it easier for viewers to simply jump to specific sections of your video that they’re interested in. This not only helps to keep viewers engaged but also increases the watch time for your YouTube videos. Additionally, you can help in audience retention as they are directed to the most relevant portions of your video.

  1. Youtube Live

YouTube Live is a good way to connect with your audience in real time. Every brand can only grow on the basis of strong relationships. YouTube Live is a good place to build bonds with your audience/subscribers and reassure them that they matter. Since live streams are direct interactions with audiences, it helps to grow the reach and trust of your brand.

  1. Repurpose your YouTube content

Repurpose your video content on YouTube for other social media platforms or your website to reach a wider audience. You can turn your videos into blog posts, create Instagram stories with short snippets from your YouTube videos, and even share them on Twitter and Facebook.


The best tip that we can offer to grow your channel through YouTube marketing is to be consistent with your ideas and content being put out. Slacking off midway through your YouTube journey will not help you retain your audience for a very long time. Accountability is key when it comes to growing your brand presence on platforms like YouTube.

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