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In recent years, podcasting has taken the world by storm, becoming a popular medium for entertainment, education, and information. Every day, millions of people around the globe tune in to their favorite shows to enjoy their favorite podcasts. This increased popularity has led to a continuous boom in the podcast industry.

But now, a new trend is emerging: YouTube podcasts. As we enter 2023, YouTube podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, with more and more content creators opting to use the platform to create and share their audio content in a video format.

In this blog, we will explore the rise of YouTube podcasts and the many benefits of this format. We’ll also take a look at how you can create and edit YouTube podcast videos. So, whether you’re a content creator looking to expand your reach or a fan of podcasts curious about this new trend, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about YouTube podcasts!

What are YouTube Podcasts?

YouTube podcasts, also known as video podcasts or vodcasts, are a new podcast format that blends the traditional audio format with video elements. Essentially, YouTube podcasts are video versions of classic podcasts, where the podcast hosts record themselves talking and incorporate visuals such as slides, images, and video footage to complement their discussion.

Unlike traditional audio podcasts, YouTube podcasts offer viewers a more dynamic and interactive experience. With the added visual element, podcast hosts can engage their audience in a more engaging way, enhancing their storytelling and allowing viewers to see their expressions and body language, bringing a more personal touch to the content.

One of the key advantages of YouTube podcasts is the ability to reach a wider audience through the use of video and visuals. Video content is more shareable and has a higher chance of going viral, making it easier for podcasts to gain exposure and attract new viewers. Additionally, YouTube podcasts can also increase engagement with existing listeners by providing a more immersive and interactive experience.

Overall, YouTube podcasts offer an exciting new medium for podcasters to expand their reach and connect with audiences in a more engaging way. With the added visual component, creators can take their podcasts to the next level and provide their fans with an even richer listening experience.

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Why are YouTube Podcasts Gaining Popularity? 

YouTube podcasts are gaining immense popularity for several reasons. First and foremost, the rise of video content consumption has created a demand for more engaging and visual content. The addition of video to the traditional audio podcast format has brought a new level of immersion and engagement for listeners, making YouTube podcasts an attractive alternative to traditional audio-only podcasts.

You must have heard about popular YouTube podcasts, such as “The Joe Rogan Experience” and “H3 Podcast,” which have further contributed to the rise of this trend. With their long-form content, engaging hosts, and diverse topics, these podcasts have helped to bring the medium into the mainstream and popularized it among a wider audience.

But why have these podcasts become so popular? Let’s look at some of the key reasons behind the popularity of YouTube podcasts.

#1 It’s a walk in the park

The ease of use of YouTube podcasts is a big element in their success. One of the major benefits of this medium is that listeners can access information from a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. Its adaptability allows audiences to consume material whenever and wherever they desire, making it ideal for listening on the go during commutes, workouts, or other activities.

YouTube podcasts are also ideal for people who prefer a more flexible listening experience. Listeners can pause, rewind, or fast-forward through the information at their leisure, allowing them to personalize their listening experience. This convenience ensures that listeners never miss essential information and that they may immediately catch up on missed content.

#2 Choose whatever you like 

Whether it’s spirituality, food, sports, or history – YouTube podcasts cover it all. The variety of content available on YouTube podcasts contributes significantly to their growing popularity. Podcasts that appeal to specific interests, such as sports, politics, news, pop culture, technology, or any other topic imaginable, are easily found and subscribed to by listeners. Given the wealth of information available, there is always something fresh and fascinating to find, and producers may reach specialized audiences that traditional media may not have reached.

Furthermore, YouTube podcasts are frequently produced by experts in their disciplines, giving audiences unique and insightful viewpoints on a wide range of topics. Listeners can learn from and interact with passionate and educated people about their fields of interest, giving them a better understanding.

#3 It’s easy to get hooked

Let’s be honest! We all get hooked while listening to a good YT podcast. Their engaging format is one of the primary aspects fueling their attraction. The conversational nature of YouTube podcasts, in particular, has proven particularly efficient at capturing and holding listeners’ attention. YouTube podcasts, as opposed to traditional forms of media such as news broadcasts or university lectures, provide a more casual and authentic delivery of information.

Another significant advantage of podcasting is that it frequently contains discussions, debates, and interviews, resulting in a more intimate and entertaining listening experience. Listeners can hear authentic dialogues between specialists and feel as though they are listening in on a private conversation between friends. This can help to keep the listener’s attention by making the topic more engaging and relatable. Overall, the conversational format of YouTube podcasts has shown to be quite beneficial for engaging viewers and providing information in a more relaxed and real manner.

#4 Entering the space is hassle-free

One of the most significant advantages of YouTube podcasts is their low entry barrier, making them accessible to a wide range of content creators. Compared to other forms of media like television or film, producing a podcast requires minimal equipment and technical expertise. All that’s needed is a basic recording setup and an internet connection to upload the content. For instance, creators can simply create and edit their video podcasts on illusto’s video editor for free.

This ease of production has led to a proliferation of podcasts on a wide range of topics, from niche interests to mainstream news and culture. Overall, the low barrier to entry for YouTube podcasts has democratized the world of media and given a voice to a diverse range of creators. This accessibility has also allowed for a wider variety of topics to be covered, providing listeners with a greater range of choices and fostering a more inclusive and diverse media landscape.


#5 The classic long-form content 

In recent times, we have all moved to prefer shorter content. But long-form content has its own charm. One of the primary benefits of YouTube podcasts is the capacity to produce longer-form content, which can range from 30 minutes to more than an hour. This expanded format provides listeners with a more immersive experience, allowing them to go deeper into issues and obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Podcasts enable a more in-depth exploration of complicated subjects. This expanded style is especially effective for discussing complex subjects since it provides for more nuanced conversation as well as the opportunity to examine diverse perspectives and viewpoints. Furthermore, YouTube podcasts’ longer-form style fosters a more casual and conversational ambiance, which can make the information more interesting and relevant.

How Can Brands Utilize YouTube Podcasts for Marketing?

In today’s digital age, brands are constantly looking for new ways to connect with their audience and build a loyal following. One increasingly popular method is the use of YouTube podcasts as a marketing tool. By creating compelling and engaging podcasts, brands can connect with their audience on a deeper level while also building trust and loyalty.

In this section, we’ll explore how brands can utilize YouTube podcasts as a marketing tool and provide examples of successful brand campaigns using this format. 

Promote products and services.

While podcasts are primarily designed to educate and entertain, brands can also use them to promote their products and services. By subtly integrating product or service mentions into their podcasts, brands can showcase their offerings in a natural, non-intrusive way. 

Increase Brand Awareness

YouTube podcasts can increase brand awareness by providing a platform for you to showcase your brand’s values, products, or services. This can help you reach new audiences who may have yet to learn about your brand.

Collaborate with industry influencers.

YouTube podcasts present an excellent opportunity for brands to collaborate with industry influencers. Brands can invite influencers to be guest speakers on their podcasts or sponsor podcasts hosted by influencers. By partnering with influencers, brands can tap into their audience and expand their reach while providing value to their listeners.

Build a community

Podcasts allow brands to build a community of followers who share their interests and values. By consistently producing content that educates, entertains, and engages its audience, brands can attract loyal followers who are likely to become brand ambassadors. Brands can encourage their podcast listeners to share their content with their network or participate in social media discussions.

How Can You Create and Edit YouTube Podcasts using illusto?

illusto is a powerful tool that can help you create and edit engaging YouTube podcast videos. With its user-friendly interface and a range of advanced features, illusto is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced creators.

One of the key benefits of illusto is its intuitive design, which makes it easy to create visually appealing videos. The tool comes with a wide range of stock assets, filters, stickers, effects, and other design elements that can help you to create a professional-looking video in no time. Additionally, illusto provides you with the flexibility to customize your video to your liking with its wide range of editing tools.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to use illusto to create engaging and visually appealing YouTube podcasts:

Start with a Clear Idea: Before you begin recording, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to convey in your video. Create a rough script, with bullet points and key ideas, so you can stay on track during recording and editing.

Record your Podcast: Once you have a clear idea, start recording your podcast. Record in a quiet and comfortable environment, and ensure you have a high-quality microphone to capture clear audio.

Import Your Video and Audio: Import your podcast video and audio and any images you want to include into illusto’s workspace.

Edit them: Use illusto’s built-in video and audio editing tools to trim your video and remove any background noise or unwanted sounds. You can also add transitions or effects to your audio to make it more engaging. Add images, graphics, and text to create an engaging visual component to your podcast.

Export and Publish: Once you’re happy with your video, export it and upload it to your YouTube channel.

Check out our YouTube channel for in-depth and detailed tutorials on how to edit your videos on illusto and how to leverage the different features on the platform.

Overall, illusto helps in creating engaging and visually appealing YouTube podcasts. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, it can help you to create professional-looking videos in no time. By following these tips and tricks, you can take advantage of illusto’s capabilities and create videos that will engage and entertain your audience.


Final Words

YouTube podcasts have spawned a new generation of content makers and listeners, providing a more immersive and engaging experience than traditional media. Creating visually stunning and interesting videos has never been easier with illusto.

As YouTube podcasts gain popularity, there has never been a better moment to get into this exciting medium and start generating your own content. With illusto, you can use the most up-to-date tools and techniques to create interesting and visually appealing video podcasts that will captivate your audience’s attention.

So whether you’re an experienced content creator or just starting out, don’t hesitate to explore the world of YouTube podcasting and try out illusto for yourself. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, you’ll be well on your way to creating high-quality content that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Sign up on illusto, and get started today.

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Video is the future, and everyone loves them. But, many budding creators and newbies struggle to create video content since they either can’t shoot videos or don’t have the necessary resources. But there is a solution to this problem: stock videos. So, even if you don’t have the resources to shoot your videos, you can still create engaging content using these stock footage and assets. 

All you need is a decent device, an internet connection, and a free online video editor like illusto. By the end of this article, you will know how you can use this free tool to create unlimited video content for your channels, accounts, or business by simply using stock videos. 

What are stock videos?

Stock videos, also known as stock footage and B-roll, are high-resolution pre-filmed videos with a 16:9 aspect ratio, ideal for landscape videos and sites like YouTube. In addition, stock films from illusto are royalty-free, making them a perfect asset to any video project. Browse our extensive stock library with one million+ videos to get the best video, photos, and audio for any industry.

Why should you use illusto’s stock library?

In illusto, you can use free stock videos, photos, and audio. Apart from that, there is no restriction on how many stock videos you can include in your video. If you want more than one video, we recommend adding a transition between each one so they merge seamlessly. There are no watermarks on free stock videos. As a result, you can effortlessly include them in your content.

How to create videos using stock videos on illusto?

Step 1: Sign up to get started

Create your account by signing up on illusto.com

Step 2: Select the stock video tab.

To view stock videos, click on the stock video tab. Then, scroll through the stock footage until you find the perfect fit. You can also use keywords to find the relevant video.

Step 3: Add your video

Click on the plus (+) sign on any stock video. It gets added to the ‘Media’ section. You can add one or multiple videos to the media section. Once you add these videos to the Media section, it should look like this.

Step 4: Drag and Drop

Drag and drop your videos from the ‘Media’ section to the timeline. Place them in the order of your choice before you start editing the clips. You can crop them, adjust their speed, overlap them, and do much more. Explore the possibilities and play around with the videos on the timeline.

Step 5: Perk up with additions

You can edit your videos using different options from the menu bar on the left.

Add stunning transitions to merge video clips seamlessly. You can even add text to these clips to explain your videos. Use filters and effects to make your video pop. With illusto, you can add animated stickers to up the video engagement quotient.

Whichever kind of video you want to make, we have plenty of royalty-free stock videos to choose from. With our green screen stock movies, you can add fantastic moving backgrounds to YouTube opening videos and never DIY your own green screen video footage again. You can also incorporate professional sports and fitness videos, vacation videos, real-life people, gourmet food, monuments, and animals in your videos.

Browse our high-quality stock video, audio, image, and graphic element categories for creators and businesses. Simply add text, logos, special effects, and other elements to turn stock videos into engaging and entertaining videos suitable for any platform.

How to get started on illusto?

Go to illusto.com and sign up using your details. After you’ve signed up, simply navigate to the stock library within the editor. Browse our collections to pick the right video for your social ad or background music for your vlog and start editing.

Using illusto’s free stock videos, you can bring your video ideas to life. There’s no need to spend a fortune to make professional-looking videos. So whether you’re creating a video about burgers or the galaxy, illusto offers the best stock footage for you.

Save time by searching our one million+ stock assets with worry-free licensing using keywords. Since our designers handpick the content and continuously add it to the collection, you can confidently find something to suit your aesthetic, genre, and industry.

Over to you

Our licensed stock videos are free to use, simple to edit, and perfect for your video. You can create professional videos for any industry in a few simple steps. So try it out right now and even make your video.
illusto allows you to create stunning videos with minimal effort. Sign up now!

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