May 8 2023

How To Create A Fun Video Using Only Text!

Fun video using text only
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illusto’s online video-editing software offers fun text graphics for dynamic video production

Typography kills… metaphorically speaking. It is one of the most effective forms of advocating your message across multiple social channels. Ever seen those retro videos with neon signage that rotates and boldly screams fun? Adding text to your graphics can create a wholesome and impactful video on its own without the need for any heavy photographs or videos; here’s how illusto has simplified the process for you.

Editing videos can be both fun and simple with illusto’s online video editor. Before you begin, creating a blueprint or storyboard helps expedite the process. Jot down the idea for the font with a reference in mind so that your language or messaging is much more impactful this way. For example, fun fonts are in the style of Comic Sans (apt name right?) while more serious messaging requires Serif base fonts. Once the framework is built all you have to do is create a login with illusto and off we go.

Here’s a step-by-step process:

1. Select, “Create New”

2. Name your Project

3. Select the appropriate aspect ratio

4. When you land on the new page, upload the file or files you want to be edited. 

5. You can also use pre-loaded media and stock images if you like. 

6. You can now add text, stickers, filters, and effects.

7. Choose appropriate transitions and apply color corrections where necessary. 

8. The right-hand side video preview and play box display the results. 

9. The below video editor box helps with the editing of the video up to milli-seconds on the dot. 

10. Text, Music, and Overlay can be edited with the small box in the left corner below. 

So, Where Should You Place Text In Your Videos?

A strong introductory headline is required for all videos whereas a call to action at the end with a conclusion line is optional. Start with an introduction of the video in 4-5 words using the Caption or Title option. Having added the title, use the text option to add an introductory blurb to your video as well as paragraphs between clips in the video. If editing isn’t your strong point (yet), simply use transitions to deliver a heightened effect. Text transitions make editing seem more refined.

Make Your Texting Impactful

Creative text enabled with animations spells out the subject matter of your video making it the obvious choice when it comes to text-relying messaging.
Use Free text as a substitute for signs or texts that are loud like pronouns – product names and people names.
illusto’s Combination Text feature delivers a more playful look to your story by creating an energetic animated feel. If it is a self-made video like a vlog, it helps to add closed captions via the text options as well.
Bonus tip: If your video is purely based on images and plain graphic backgrounds, your text could play a huge role in getting your messaging across, in which case, animate your text as often as possible and choose multiple points based on the response you want to generate from the audience.

Stay tuned for more text options and many more visual effects on illusto’s video editing platform for you.

Remember a video without visual effects can be just as impactful with text. The role of text is crucial especially when it is a complement to your video or graphics in ads or vlogs, no matter the video, the typography can ace your game. Typography kills it… in a good sense.

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