By leveraging illusto’s stock library, you can enhance your projects easily. Here’s how to make the most of it:

1. Explore Stock Library: Access illusto’s expansive stock library, featuring a diverse array of stock images, stock videos, and stock audio.

a. Stock Images:

  1. To use a stock image, click on the “Image” option found on the left toolbar.
  2. Input keywords to search for specific images or choose the image from the list within the panel.
  3. For refined searches, filter images by orientation: landscape, portrait, or square.

b. Stock Videos:

  1. Navigate to “Video” to access a wide selection of video resources.
  2. You can either use specific keywords to search for desired videos or scroll through the available videos within the panel.
  3. Filter videos based on orientation, whether landscape or portrait.

c. Stock Audio:

  1. Elevate your videos with enhanced audio options. Click on the “Audio” option on the left toolbar.
  2. You can play the audio to listen to it before deciding to use it.

2. Adding Media to Your Project: Once you’ve selected your desired media from illusto’s stock library, add it to your project media by clicking on the “+” symbol.

3. Importing and Editing: To integrate the chosen media into your project, import the selected media by dragging and dropping it into the timeline. Now, you can fine-tune and edit your project with the stock media.

By following these steps, you can integrate stock images, videos, and audio into your illusto projects. If you need further assistance or have inquiries, explore our Help Center or engage with our dedicated support team. Maximize your creativity with illusto’s stock library!

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