You can use green screen editing to transport your subjects to new locations or create imaginative visual effects. Here’s how you can do it using illusto’s intuitive tools:

  1. Upload Your Green Screen Video: Import your video with a green screen background. Place the video on the timeline track.

2. Open the Edit Panel: Click on the video layer in the Timeline to open the editing panel.

3. Access Green Screen Editing Options: Navigate to the “Green chroma” option.

4. Use the Pen Tool: Select the pen tool and click on the green background area of the video to remove it.

5. Fine-Tune Spill Removal: Adjust the spill removal intensity and shrink intensity as needed to refine the edited video.

6. Add a New Background: Place another layer of background video behind your edited clip to replace the green screen background.

7. Finalize Your Editing: Make any additional adjustments as necessary, and you’re done!

By following these steps, you can easily perform green screen editing and replace the background of your video using illusto. Experiment with different background options to create captivating visual effects. If you encounter any questions or need further guidance, contact our Help Center, or connect with our dedicated support team.

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