Adding auto subtitles to your video in illusto is simple. This feature enhances inclusivity and widens your audience reach. Just follow these steps:

  1. Upload Your Content: Begin by uploading your video clip and voiceover to the project media and timeline.
  2. Adjust Video: Make any necessary adjustments to your video to synchronize it with the voiceover.

3. Activate Auto Subtitles:

a. In the action bar above the timeline, find and select the “Subtitle” option.

b. In the subtitles panel that appears, choose “Auto-generate subtitles” from the options.

c. Select the clip from the drop-down menu and click “Generate Subtitles.”

4. Customize Subtitles:

a. You can edit the content of auto-generated subtitles under the Transcript section.

b. Customize the font, text size, and placement by clicking the Subtitle Style tab.

Now, your video will feature auto-generated subtitles perfectly synchronized with your voiceover. For any questions or further assistance, explore our Help Center for detailed guides and FAQs. Our dedicated support team is also available to assist you. Enjoy your video editing!

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