You can easily rotate your images and videos with illusto’s intuitive tools. Here’s how you can achieve smooth rotations:

  1. Access Transform Mode: Begin by clicking on the media you want to rotate within the video editing timeline. The Edit Panel will open on the left.
  2. Choose Rotation Adjustment: Locate the “Rotation Adjustment” option. Here, you have several choices 
  3. Click on the clockwise or anticlockwise 90-degree rotation icons for instant rotation.
  4. Alternatively, manually input a value in the number box to achieve the desired rotation degree.               
  5. For more advanced effects, consider adding keyframes to gradually rotate the media within your video.

6.  Shortcut for Quick Access: You can also click on the rotation option on the left border of the video/image in the live view pane. Click on this option for a 90-degree rotation.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly incorporate rotations into your media for enhanced storytelling. For additional guidance or inquiries, feel free to explore our Help Center or get in touch with our dedicated support team.

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