Adding a voiceover to your project is a straightforward process with illusto. Follow these steps to quickly integrate a voiceover into your video: 

  1. Access the Record Button: Click on the record button located above the timeline track in the workspace.

2. Initiate Recording: Upon clicking the record button, a dialog box will appear. Click the microphone icon to start recording. Ensure that you grant illusto permission to access your computer’s microphone.

3. Preview and Adjust: You can choose to simultaneously preview the audio while recording. If there’s existing background video music, you can opt to mute it while recording your voiceover.

4. Stop Recording: Click the stop recording button when you’ve completed your voiceover.

5. Replace and Confirm: Click the “Replace” option to add the recorded audio to the selected track in the timeline.

6. Edit as Needed: Click the voice recording in the timeline to make any necessary audio edits, such as adjusting volume levels or applying effects. (Link to Adding and Editing Audio Clips)

By following these simple steps, you can quickly enhance your project with a professional voiceover using illusto. Should you need further assistance or have inquiries, don’t hesitate to explore our Help Center or engage with our dedicated support team.

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