Congratulations, you’ve completed all the editing, and you now have an impressive video in hand. Now, it’s important to choose the correct resolution to ensure maximum clarity and compatibility across various platforms. illusto offers a range of resolution options, each tailored to specific needs. Here’s how you can select the most suitable resolution for your project:

480p: Optimal for Demo Videos

a. Opt for 480p for demonstration videos or initial drafts.

b. Perfect for speeding the approval processes or quick sharing.

c. Provides clear visuals without excessive bandwidth usage, enabling quicker viewing.

720p: Ideal for Social Media

a. Choose 720p for ideal quality on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

b. Balances quality and file size, leading to faster uploads.

c. Guarantees sharp visuals for online sharing and viewing.

1080p: Best for Video Streaming

a. Select 1080p for premium quality on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

b. Suitable for larger screens such as TVs or projectors, ensuring clarity.

c. Keeps your video sharp and free from glitches.

4K: Ultimate Clarity

a. Opt for 4K (UHD) for unparalleled visual precision.

b. Four times the detail of 1080p, providing remarkable clarity.

c. Perfect for showcasing intricate visuals or exporting at maximum quality.

How to Choose Video Resolution:

  1. Once your video editing is complete, click on “Export Video” in the top right corner of the illusto editor.
  2. Select Your Desired Resolution by choosing from 480p, 720p, 1080p, or 4K under “Size Level.”
  3. Fill in any other required details and click “Export.”

4. illusto will now proceed to export your video in the chosen resolution.

By understanding illusto’s resolution options and effectively utilizing them, you can customize your video’s visual quality to align with its intended audience and platform. For further resolution guidance, explore our Help Center or contact our dedicated support team.

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