You can perfect the volume of your video or audio clips in illusto using these straightforward steps:

  1. Access Clip Controls: Click on the video or audio clip that requires adjustment.
  2. For Video Clips with Audio: If you need to edit the audio for a video clip, go to the “Audio” tab within the media control panel.

3. Volume Adjustment: Fine-tune the volume to your preferred level.

4. Enhance with Fades: Elevate your audio by using fades. Add a gentle fade-in at the start and a gradual fade-out at the end for smooth audio transitions.

5. Optimize Audio Quality: Enhance your audio quality further by denoising it. Utilize the “Denoise” option to refine the sound.

6. Editing Audio Files: To edit an audio file, click on it to access the comprehensive audio control panel located above the timeline track. Here, you can adjust the volume, add fades, and denoise the audio.

7. Special Audio Effects: illusto also provides unique and compelling special audio effects that you can use to enrich your audio.

Follow these steps to achieve audio perfection in your project. If you require additional assistance or have any inquiries, please consult our Help Center or reach out to our dedicated support team.

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