Changing the speed of a video in illusto is a straightforward task. Follow these steps to customize your video’s speed:

  1. Add Video to Timeline: Begin by adding your desired video to the illusto timeline.
  2. Access Effect Control: After the video is in place, click it to open the effect control menu positioned above the timeline.
  3. Navigate to Speed: In the effect control options, locate and select the “Speed” feature. Click on this option to control and modify the video’s speed.

4. Adjust Speed Linearly: Use the “Linear” option to add a gradual change to your video’s speed.

5. Curve Option: Alternatively, click on the “Curve” option for a more nuanced adjustment. illusto offers a collection of six preset curve options with distinct pacing dynamics. Furthermore, you can also use the “Custom” option to adjust the video’s speed to your specifications precisely.

By following these steps, you can easily control your video’s speed in illusto. For further insights or inquiries, refer to our Help Center or contact our responsive support team.

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