Adding text animation to your videos can significantly enhance their visual appeal. Follow these steps to apply captivating text animations to your text elements in illusto:

  1. Accessing Text Titles: Begin by navigating to the “Text” section located in the left panel of your workspace.
  2. Adding Text Preset: Drag and drop a text preset from the “Free Text” tab onto your video project.

3. Editing Text: Click on the added text element to open the “Edit” panel.

4. Adding Animation: Click the “Animation” tab within the editing interface.

5. Selecting Animation Preset: Inside the Animation tab, you will find an array of text animation presets.

6. Applying Animation: Click on your chosen animation preset to apply it to the selected text element.

7. Adjusting Animation Duration: Lastly, edit the duration of the text animation to align with your project’s pacing and visual rhythm.

illusto’s user-friendly interface empowers you to easily apply various animation styles to your text, enhancing storytelling and overall impact. Experiment with different animation presets and durations to achieve the desired creative effect. Should you require additional guidance or support, consider exploring our Help Center or reaching out to our dedicated support team.

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