Proper text alignment is key to creating visually pleasing videos. illusto offers simple tools to help you align text precisely within your project. Follow these steps to achieve that:

  1. Accessing Text Editing: Begin by clicking the text element you wish to align. This action opens the text editing panel.
  2. Navigation to Alignment: Once in the text editing mode, navigate to the “Align Way” option.

3. Horizontal and Vertical Alignment: Choose between horizontal and vertical alignment options based on your design needs.

    1. For horizontal alignment, you can select left, center, or right options to align the text within the horizontal axis.
    2. For vertical alignment, adjust the alignment to suit your preference, such as aligning the text to the top, middle, or bottom of the text box.

By effectively using illusto’s alignment tools, you can create visually balanced and appealing text compositions. Remember, proper alignment helps create a polished and professional look. For further assistance or guidance, don’t hesitate to explore our Help Center or reach out to our dedicated support team.

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