Enhance your illusto videos with compelling in-and-out animations. Customize your clips by following these steps:

  1. Add and Arrange Clips: Drag and drop your preferred clips onto your project timeline.
  2. Access Media Control: Upon organizing your clips, click on a video to open the media control options.

3. Explore Animation Tab: Within the media control menu, navigate to the “Animation” tab.

4. Apply In and Out Animations: Select and apply desired in and out animations from illusto’s array of animation options. Experiment with different combinations to create a unique, captivating visual narrative.

5. Refine Animation Start Time: Adjust the animation’s start time using the “Duration” option.

You can add captivating in and out animations to your illusto videos through these easy steps. Explore our Help Center or contact our dedicated support team for additional guidance or inquiries.

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