Incorporating the perfect audio can significantly enhance the appeal of your video, and with illusto, the process of adding and editing audio becomes effortless. Here’s how you can quickly integrate and edit audio clips in illusto:

  1. Adding Audio:
    1. Access the left panel and click on the “Media” option.
    2. Choose “Upload” to import your desired audio clip. Wait for the upload to complete.
    3. Once uploaded, drag the audio clip onto your video timeline.

2. Editing Audio:

a. To edit your audio, simply click on the audio track in the timeline. This action opens the audio edit panel. 

3. Volume Adjustment:

a. Fine-tune the audio volume to your preferred level using the volume control. You can also employ keyframes to create dynamic volume changes.

4. Enhancing with Fades:

a. Elevate your audio presence by incorporating fades. Apply a gentle fade-in at the beginning and a gradual fade-out at the end for seamless audio transitions.

5. Optimizing Audio Quality:

a. Refine your audio quality by eliminating background noise. Utilize the “Denoise” option to enhance the clarity of your sound.

6. Special Audio Effects:

a. Explore illusto’s array of unique special audio effects that can add depth and character to your audio.

7. Trimming Audio:

a. Need to trim your audio clip? Place the playhead at the desired cut point and press “C” on your keyboard to split the audio. Alternatively, you click the “Cut” option in the workspace. 

By harnessing illusto’s user-friendly tools, you can effortlessly synchronize audio with your visuals and craft an immersive storytelling experience. Should you need further assistance or have inquiries, don’t hesitate to explore our Help Center or engage with our dedicated support team.


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