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Despite its heavy competition, FaceBook’s usage and user base seems to keep on growing. According to recent research, in the third quarter of 2022, Facebook had more than 2.96 billion monthly active users, which made it the world’s largest online social network.

And if you aren’t leveraging the advertising arena on FaceBook yet, then you are truly missing out, because believe it or not, advertising on FaceBook is not dead. There are an estimated 60 million Facebook business pages, 93% of which are active. Also, 90% of social media marketers have used Facebook for advertising and showcasing their companies in 2022. 

This is huge!

Social media advertising is already a huge boon to businesses. According to Radd Interactive, Facebook’s market share for digital advertising is close to 20%, which makes it one of the single largest options for advertising. 

Now that we’ve given you plenty of stats to prove the pros of Facebook advertising, it’s pretty obvious that Facebook ads can be an effective way to generate leads and increase engagement for your brand.

Let’s take a look at a few different Facebook video ad ideas to get you started.

10 FaceBook Ad ideas that will take your brand to the next level

Facebook has an exciting variety of ad formats that you can use to make an impact in the social media space.

  1. Image and Video Ads

Image and video ads are the most basic form of advertising on Facebook. They’re easy to make and can be used to market a particular product or service. Image ads typically only include a single image that can be used in various placements, ad ratios, and ad types. Video ads are super easy to make and can be leveraged by even small businesses to broaden their reach. Keeping your videos short and concise, while making sure to start off with something attention-grabbing is one of the sure-shot ways to get high engagement.

Tips for image ads: Use illusto – a video maker for Facebook to create interesting and inviting ads.

  1. Local Awareness Ads

These ads are actually shown to users when they are in or around the geographical location of a particular product or service. Rather than targeting specific individuals, local awareness ads target locations, keeping privacy in mind. These ads are typically used to raise awareness, and a marketer can choose to maximize their impressions for the entire duration of a given campaign, set frequency controls, as well as decide the number of days in between each impression.

Local awareness ads were later also renamed Reach Ads in April 2017 since they maximize the number of people who view ads and how often.

  1. Event Ads

As the name suggests, an event ad is one that assists you to market FaceBook events to your target audience and market in order to help you grow the impact of a particular event.

You can vary or limit the geographical reach of your event ad based on the size and/or relevance of the event being promoted to the target audience in the same locality, city, state, and so on. You can promote online or in-person events through the event ads option.

  1. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are usually great for introducing or portraying a wide range of products to your audience at once. Readers can browse multiple (up to ten) images and videos while having individual descriptions and links to click through. Additionally, the carousel ad feature can be used to tell a story or take your audience on a journey.

A type of carousel ad is a collection ad that takes user experience up another notch. They are more customizable than carousel ads and an avenue for users to scroll through a product lineup and even purchase directly from the ad itself.

  1. Testimonial Ads

Social proofing is one of the best ways to build brand trust with existing and potential customers. Testimonial ads will contain customer testimonials, reviews, and so on to reach a larger audience. This is extremely effective since these ads showcase a real person or organization that has worked with you or used your product/service, proving proof that it is good.

  1. Influencer Ads

The content produced or promoted by influencers has a very high chance of converting potential followers into loyal customers. Partnering with influencers or micro-influencers to promote your brand or product to their followers will be a good tactic for you to increase brand awareness, trust, and a larger audience.

  1. Offer Ads

Offer ads are a great way for both online and in-person stores to attract customers to their businesses. Through an offer ad, customers and users can redeem special offers on your products and services or get discounts and other promotions. Offer ads can be effectively used to incentivize consumers to take action due to limited-time offers or discounts.

  1. Messenger Ads

Messenger ads are those that are seen on the FaceBook Messenger tab. These are more personal and personalized ads since the messenger tab is a place for users to interact with family and friends. Users will be able to view your messenger ad among their other conversations and can easily tap and start a conversation with your brand. Through this, it is possible to answer questions and clear potential queries about your brand or product.

  1. Lead Ads

Lead ads are something that usually has a form attached in order to learn more about potential future customers. Lead ads can be used to collect contact information for further market research, promotions, collecting newsletter subscriptions, signing up for a trial product, and so on. These ads are relatively cost-effective and have a much higher potential of converting. Since they are designed for mobile devices, they are also easier to fill in. 

  1. Stories Ads

With the recent boom in mobile usage and features like stories coming up across social media platforms, story ads are definitely something that you don’t want to miss out on. These ads are only viewable on mobile devices and are full-screen vertical videos that pop up between the stories users view on the app. Often, brands also use Facebook video maker applications to create stories. These ads offer much more freedom to express and get creative, allowing you to use emojis, GIFs, special effects, and so on to add some extra jazz to your ad. 

Albeit not the only ad formats available on FaceBook, these are quite effective in promoting your brand and building a larger audience. Facebook offers a broad range of ad types to dabble in to reach copious numbers of people. In order to figure out the best ones for your brand, give them a try and analyze which ones perform better than others.

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