Add beautiful filters to your videos

Enhance your videos and create masterpieces with illusto. Choose from a wide range of cinematic and professional filters.

Create masterpieces with filters

Enhance your videos with illusto’s selectively curated extraordinary LUT filters. Color-correct and perfect your videos with the right hues or set the mood with cinematic filters. Change a rainy day into a sunny bright day, or add the night lights to create a vibrant vibe with our already preset filters. You can create professional looking videos in no time with illusto

How It Works


Enhance your videos with filters

Create visual masterpieces in minutes with stunning video filters on illusto’s online video editor.

Why use filters

Enhance your video's look

Looking for some attractive filters to use on your video? Look no further than illusto’s incredible collection of filters and effects. Using our collection of preset video filters, you can give your videos a different theme, mood, or vibe. Explore cinematic filters on illusto’s online video editor to alter the look and feel of your videos in a few clicks.

Set the tone right

illusto’s video enhancement filters will help you enliven your footage and set the video’s tonality. Select from a variety of natural filters. With our mood-altering filters, you can add a cinematic touch to your videos and create fantastic effects. Try our vivid filters for a more professional look. The creative possibilities are endless and easy to achieve with our video filters.

Do it right from your browser

Liven up your footage with cinematic filters that make your videos look visually appealing and aesthetic. With illusto’s online video editor, you don’t need any additional downloads or equipment. Add your choice of stunning filters to your videos right from your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

A video filter is a software component that adds a special effect to the video. It can change the video’s color, tone, aesthetic, or feel without changing the lighting settings while shooting the original video. They are basically overlays that brighten, darken, or unify video clips.

Filters are a powerful communication tool that can evoke emotion and responses from the audience. Add filters to your videos to make them stand out, generate aesthetic appeal with spectacular effects, and increase user engagement.

You can make your videos appear more professional by adding HD filters to them. illusto offers a lot of cinematic filters that instantly improve your video’s quality and visual appeal. Creating professional videos is a piece of cake with illusto because all you have to do is upload your footage and add a filter to it.