Transform and enhance your videos with stunning effects

Add visual effects to enhance your video content, choose from a wide range of visual effects from our effects library, change the look, feel, tone and theme of your video by adding interactive and animated effects.

Add effects and make your videos stand out

Create engaging and attention grabbing video content by adding stunning visual effects. You can enhance any scene in your videos, create a certain tone, feel and vibe. We have a wide range of effects to choose from. Unleash your creativity.

How It Works


Add stunning effects to your next video project

Create visual masterpieces in minutes with stunning video effects from illusto.

Why Add Effects

Make your videos engagement worthy

Looking for some stunning effects to use on your video? Look no further than illusto’s incredible collection of effects. Using our collection of tons of video effects, you can give your videos a different look that drives engagement. Explore unique effects on illusto’s online video editor to add fun, quirkiness, and awesomeness to your videos in a few clicks.

Animate your videos

illusto’s library of video enhanced effects will help you animate your footage. Select from various effects, including snow, stars, rain, sketch, strobe and more. With our professional and playful filters, you can add a quirky touch to your videos using animated effects. The creative possibilities are endless and easy to achieve with our video effects.

Do it right from your browser

With illusto’s online video editor, you don’t need any additional downloads or equipment. Add your choice of creative effects to your videos right from your browser and store it on the cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

A video effect is a software component that adds a special effect to the video. Visual effects are the process of creating or manipulating graphics outside a live-action shot’s framework. Effects such as speed changes, distortions, and reflection are examples. It lets you enhance your videos.

illusto offers effects for every popular style, theme, and mood. Choose an effect that complements your story and fits the tone of your video. Experiment with various filters and effects until you discover the right combination. There is no correct or incorrect answer.

Absolutely not! Adding effects will only make your video more attractive and visually appealing. When you use effects on illusto, it doesn’t hamper your video quality at all. No matter how much you edit, all our exports are high quality, and you can even export your videos at 4K.