Record Live Voice-over

Add the personal touch to your video content with live voiceover recording, you can narrate your videos and engage with your audience using your own voice in the tone, pitch and pace you want to deliver your message in.

Record your voice-over at a click of a button in illusto

With illusto’s live voice-over recorder, you can record your voice and add it to any video. You can even use different sound effects to amplify your video’s feel. Easily record, upload, and customize your voice-over, then create the rest of your video using the drag-and-drop tools. With illusto, adding high-quality voiceover to your videos is easier than ever.

How It Works


Start creating videos with voice-overs on illusto

Record your voice and add your customized voice-over to any video with a few clicks.

Why Record Voice-over on illusto

Record in your own time

We’re all aware that recording sound “on location” can present challenges such as wind, background noise, and heavy boom mics. However, you can record and add a layer of voiceover at your own time with illusto’s live voiceover recorder. Now, isn’t that convenient?

Do it right from your browser

With illusto’s online live voiceover recorder, you don’t need any additional downloads or installs. Add your videos to illusto and add a layer of voiceover to them by recording on illusto’s platform. It’s all online. You can do it right in your browser without extra equipment.

Customize your voice-overs with effects

Edit and customize your voiceover with powerful tools on illusto. Adjust the sound, volume, and length of your voiceover. Place it as you please on the timeline and sync it with your video. Use special effects and make your voice over sound differently and clean the noise in the backgroun with our denoiser tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

A voiceover is a type of production technique that allows artists, businesses, and educators to narrate a story without being visible. A voiceover usually consists of your voice reading a script ensuring you get the message across in the tone of voice you want.

Adding a voiceover helps you build a personal connection, which you can’t accomplish via texts. Voiceovers also help complement your onscreen visuals better so things can be explained better. You can also make your videos more professional and informative by using voiceovers.

You can add voiceovers to your videos for free using illusto’s online video editor. Simply sign up and use the live voice recorder to record and upload your voice to your videos.

No, with illusto you don’t need any additional equipment to record your voiceover. You can easily record your voice by just using your device’s microphone. All devices usually have an in-built microphone that can be easily used to record audio. All you have to do is click on ‘record’ and click on the mic icon on the screen to record your voice and add a voiceover to your video.