At illusto, your data security and privacy are our top priorities. Here’s how we ensure your content remains private and under your control:

Your Content, Your Control: illusto maintains a strict policy that prevents our team from viewing, accessing, or utilizing any of the videos, audio, or image files you work with on our platform.

Local Processing, No Uploads: Unlike other online platforms, illusto processes your media files locally on your machine. We never upload your files to a server for processing.

Enhanced Browser Experience: illusto’s editing projects are processed entirely within your browser, emulating a desktop application environment. This approach maintains the security of your data and eliminates the need to upload files to external servers.

Data Storage and Project Information: illusto saves project-related data, like edit details, titles, and file names, in your online account. However, we do not store associated video, audio, or images.

Saving Your Work: When you export a video and click “Download,” the video is stored in a folder of your choice on your computer. This transfer is from the temporary local browser storage to your selected location. The browser automatically deletes these temporary files after a certain period, maintaining your data’s confidentiality.

illusto gives you complete authority over your content. We’ve designed our platform with your privacy in mind, ensuring your creative projects remain secure throughout the editing process. If you have any concerns or questions about data security, feel free to explore our Help Center or contact our dedicated support team for assistance.

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