Locating and managing your exported videos in illusto is very easy. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Access Videos Tab: From your homepage, navigate to the “Videos” tab.

2. Explore My Videos Section: Within the “My Videos” section, you’ll see an “Exports” tab.

3.Click Exports Tab: Click on the “Exports” tab to access a list of all your exported videos.

4. Sort by Name and Creation Date: You can sort your exported videos based on names and creation dates to quickly find the specific videos you’re looking for.

5. Filter by Video Aspect Ratio: You can also filter your videos based on their aspect ratios. It is particularly useful if you’re working with different aspect ratios for various platforms or purposes.

These simple steps make managing and locating your exported videos in illusto extremely convenient and efficient. For further guidance, explore illusto’s Help Center or contact our support team to resolve any queries and enhance your video editing experience.

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